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Streaming Video

EFC Videos Hosted on YouTube
A variety of recent EFC videos.

The EFC's Informational Video
A two-minute introduction to The Evangelical Fellowship of Canada.

A 15-minute EFC video concerning young adults and their viewpoint on the church today. Watch online or purchase your own copy.

Streaming Audio

Canada Watch Radio Program and Podcast
Canada Watch was The Evangelical Fellowship of Canada's short radio feature a few years ago. It offers a brief look at important issues for Canadians from an evangelical viewpoint. Host of the program is Bruce J. Clemenger, EFC President.

Audio and Video on CD and DVD

Check the EFC library for additional EFC audio and video, including CDs and DVDs you can order. Some are free, some are for sale, and some offer online exerpts so you can judge if you want to order the complete recording.

EFC Staff on TV and Radio Shows

We keep a sporadically updated list of external websites offering radio and TV segments which feature guest appearances by EFC staff.

What is a Podcast?

A simple introduction


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