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2014 July 31 IRAQ: Islamic State aims to wipe out Christianity in Mosul, Iraq
2014 May 02 PAKISTAN: Hundreds of Christian Girls Kidnapped and Forced to Convert to Islam Every Year
2014 Mar 31 UKRAINE:  Kidnappings and Intimidation Religious Leaders raises concern over Russia’s recent annexation of the Crimean Peninsula
2013 Nov 28 NORTH KOREA: Eighty Executions, Seven Cities, One Day
2013 Aug 15 EGYPT: URGENT PRAYER ALERT: EFC joins with World Evangelical Alliance in a call to pray
2013 Jul 18 CHINA: China's Economic Boom is Revival's Hidden Treasure
2013 May 9 SYRIA: URGENT - World Day of Prayer for Syria: May 11th (congregations May 12th) 
2013 Apr 10 VIETNAM: UPDATE Prayer Alert - Death of Hmong Christian Leader while in police custody
2013 Mar 15 VIETNAM: Updated Government Policy ND-92 Designed to Abolish House Church Movement
2013 Jan 31 COLOMBIA: Murder, Kidnapping and Intimidation used against Colombian Christians
2012 Nov 23 PAKISTAN: Praise / Prayer Alert - Teenage Christian Girl Released, Prayer Still Needed for Asia Bibi and Younis Masih
2012 Sep 28 MIDDLE EAST: Protests Against Defamatory Video Turn Deadly - Canadian Christian Copts Falsely Accused
2012 Sep 10 IRAN: UPDATE - Pastor Nadarkhani Acquitted and Released!
2012 Sep 7 IRAN: URGENT PRAYER ALERT - Pastor Nadarkhani Stands Trial Tomorrow (September 8, 2012)
2012 Jul 27 SYRIA: Is There a Christian "Religious-cide" in the Middle East?
2012 Jun 14 EGYPT: Outcome of Egyptian Elections to Impact Christians
2012 Feb 29 REPORT ON CHILDREN: EFC Issues Report on Religious Persecution of Children
2012 Feb 24 IRAN: URGENT PRAYER ALERT - Execution Order for Evangelical Pastor Youcef Nadarkhani - signed
2012 Feb 02 CHINA: Letter to PM Stephen Harper re: Human Rights in China
2012 Jan 31 NIGERIA: Christians Brace for More Violence as Boko Haram Declares 'War'
2011 Dec 22 NORTH KOREA: Praying for North Korea - Opportunity for Change? Or Intensified Persecution?
2011 Nov 30 EGYPT [UPDATED Jan 2012]: Early Election Results Create Uncertainty for Egyptian Christians
2011 Oct 06 IRAN: Urgent Alert - Evangelical Pastor Faces Execution and False Accusations
2011 Sep 09 SEMINAR ON "The Theology of Persecution" with Dr. Sudhakar Mondithoka of India September 27 & 28, 2011
2011 Aug 30 NIGERIA: Bombings Target Christians – Nigerian Army Assists in Some Attacks Eyewitnesses Say
2011 May 20 EGYPT: "Democratic Revolution"? Ignites Further Persecution of Christians
2011 Apr 21 CHINA:Christians Face Crackdown During Easter Celebrations
2011 Feb 23 AFGHANISTAN: Urgent Prayer Alert - Afghan Christian Facing Imminent Execution for His Faith, Action required immediately!
2011 Feb 04 REPORT ON EGYPT (UPDATE): Urgent Alert & RLC Egypt Report Update Released
2011 Jan 07 SUDAN: Urgent Alert - Pray for the January 9, 2011 Southern Sudan Referendum, and New Report on Sudan Released. And see a related EFC video explanation about the Sudan referendum.
2011 Jan 06 REPORT ON SUDAN: The EFC Publishes New Report on Religious Freedom in Sudan and the Sudan Referendum
2010 Dec 20 SUDAN: Prayer Alert: Sudan Referendum, January 9, 2011: “Pray for Peace and Reconciliation of Sudan”
2010 Dec 03   IRAQ: Prayer Alert: Fear of Continued Attacks after Bloody Assault on Baghdad Church
2010 Jun 28 AFGHANISTAN: Urgent Alert
2010 Mar 5 IRAQ: Urgent Prayer Alert
2010 Mar 5 REPORT ON IRAQ: New Report Published on Religious Freedom in Iraq (media release)
2009 Dec 19 CHINA: Fast Growing "House Churches" Crushed
2009 Nov 27 MALAYSIA: 15,000 + Bibles Seized, Religious Freedom in question
2009 Oct 5 REPORT ON VIETNAM: New Report Published on Religious Freedom in Vietnam (media release)
2009 Jun 8 REPORT ON EGYPT: New Report Published on Religious Freedom in Egypt (media release)
2009 Apr 03 REPORT ON VIETNAM: New Report Published on Religious Freedom in Vietnam (media release)
2009 Feb 26 REPORT ON INDIA: New Report Published on Religious Freedom in India (media release)
2009 Jan 30 SRI LANKA: Anti-Conversion Bill Threatens Christian Minority
2008 Sept 25 INDIA: Attacks Show No Sign of Slowing After One Month of Violence
2008 Jun 20 EGYPT & ERITREA: Egypt Forcibly Returns Eritrean Asylum Seekers and Jailed Eritrean Pastors Facing Possible Treason Charges
2008 Jun 9 REPORT ON CHINA: New Report Released on Persecution Trends in China in Advance of the Beijing Olympic Games (media release)
2008 Feb 27 REPORT ON VIETNAM: Summary Report on 2007 Progress Released
2008 Feb 21 CHINA: 21 House Church Leaders Sentenced to Labour Camp
2008 Feb 6 BELARUS: 19 Year Old Christian Activist Beaten by Police at a Peaceful Demonstration and Denied Appeal for a Criminal Case
2007 Oct 30 REPORT ON VIETNAM: New Report Released on Current Religious Freedom Conditions for Protestant Christians
2007 Sept 25 BURMA (MYANMAR): Protests Highlight Persecution and Lack of Human Rights
2007 Aug 20 EGYPT: Christian Convert Brings his Case to Court; Human Rights Advocates Arrested
2007 July 30 AFGHANISTAN: Evangelical South Korean Aid Workers Held Hostage
2007 Jun 14 PAKISTAN: Abuse of Blasphemy Laws and draft Apostasy Bill worry Christians
2007 Jan 05 Democratic Republic of the CONGO: Christian Human Rights Lawyer Facing Possible Execution
2006 Nov 17 VIETNAM: Prime Minister Harper Highlights Religious Freedom
2006 Oct 27 CHINA: Christian Human Rights Lawyer Arrested and Detained
2006 Aug 10 INDONESIA: Three Christian Men Face Imminent Execution
2006 Aug 02 INDIA: Madhya Pradesh State Assembly passes Bill to impose harsh restrictions on religious freedom
2006 July 20 SRI LANKA: Anti-Conversion Bill Passes Second Reading in Sri Lankan Parliament; Christians fear further abuses and restrictions on religious freedom

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The EFC produces Religious Liberty Alerts to inform Christians about current issues of religious persecution. The alerts encourage Christians to pray for those who are persecuted. Occasionally, they will also indicate what kind of practical action one can take to end persecution in a particular situation. The Alerts are distributed only by e-mail. To sign up for the Alerts, send an email with the word "subscribe" in the subject line to: RLC@efc-canada.com.

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