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January/February 2002 Issue

Arctic Revival
By Debra Fieguth

Christianity in the Arctic has experienced a remarkable resurgence in recent years.



Also In This Issue

What Christians Think About Harry Potter 
By Peter Chattaway

From the Editor: 
How Important Are We?  By Gail Reid

Legal Landscape:
Reconciling War  By Bob Harvey

Religion Watch:
God, Keep Our Land  By James Beverley

Ask a Theologian:
Can the Devil Read my Thoughts?  By Tim Perry

Things Hoped For:
The Finest Column Ever Written  By John Stackhouse Jr.


Other Articles
Jan/Feb 2002 Issue

Cover Story
Arctic Revival

From the Editor
How Important Are We?

What Christians Think About Harry Potter

Legal Landscape
Reconciling War

Religion Watch
God, Keep Our Land

Ask A Theologian
Can the Devil Read my Thoughts?

Things Hoped For
The Finest Column Ever Written


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