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May/June 2006 Issue

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By Gail Reid

Christian athletes are strongly motivated by their faith to excel.

Most of us will be forgiven for our pride in Cindy Klassen’s open acknowledgement of her evangelical faith and her dependence on God for peace and focus during the Olympic challenge in Torino, which brought her five medals. It wasn’t simply that she brought God publicly into the equation; Klassen shared her joy of Bible reading and how much she values spending time with God.

Public figures may thank God humbly for their win or performance, but Klassen brought the world closer to understanding the personal relationship people can have with Jesus Christ — and the difference it can make in their lives. In fact, our Faith Today cover story suggests that being a person of faith and prayer can even provide an edge that increases excellence.

Karen Stiller has interviewed key Christian athletes in a variety of sports and asked them about this “God thing.” She also highlights Christian ministries that feature athletes and/or use sports to help churches to create faith-sharing opportunities in their neighbourhoods.

Being neighbourly is also an import-ant element in what many are calling missional or incarnational thinking. In an interview with Aileen Van Ginkel, director of ministry partnerships for the Evangelical Fellowship of Canada, Cam Roxburgh, pastor of Southside Community Church in British Columbia, outlines this new way of looking at our core identity as Christians and the Church. The EFC’s National Evangelism Partnership shares tips on how your church can become more missional.

Missional churches could play an important role in dealing with any future pandemic. Is your church prepared? Faith Today has asked experts on ways to deal with this rising concern. Churches are ideally positioned to make a difference, but we need to be prepared. Read our feature story on what is being done already.

Speaking of being prepared! The Da Vinci Code is still at the top of most bestseller lists and, now, the movie is about to premiere. If you haven’t already been asked about your thoughts on this confusing novel, you may want to consider turning this into an opportunity to share your faith with those who are sure to see it and have many questions. While author Dan Brown denies distorting the facts, you may need a Christian perspective to help you deal with the confusion.

Finally, as a Christian parent or grandparent, you no doubt pray for our Canadian public school system and the many challenges for teachers today. Take time to read how some Christians are intervening in creative ways to share their values in the the public school system — and seeing a difference.

Gail Reid is managing editor of Faith Today and director of communications for The Evangelical Fellowship of Canada.

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