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July/August 2006 Issue

A Time to Laugh
By Gail Reid

Comedy allows us to laugh at ourselves and rejoice in God’s love for us.

For everything there is a season. Our cover story “Stand-up for Jesus” outlines the joy that bubbles up within us when we can laugh at ourselves and others. Christian comedians in Canada touch off this exhilarating response and remind us that God created laughter. But being funny can have its dangers – not everyone may agree with a comedian’s slant.

After all, though laughter is universal, it is also very personal. There is something amazing about how God created each of us so uniquely that we can find different things funny. I love to hear my husband chuckling while he watches Corner Gas. It makes me smile even when I’m not in the room. On the other hand I rarely laugh at a TV show, yet I am constantly laughing out loud when I realize I have done something silly – even when I am alone driving. Yet both of us will laugh when our children make fun of the quirks in our family with great exaggeration. We are a family that can laugh at ourselves and the way we respond to circumstances. Many a supper has been interrupted with such joking that gives all of us a strong sense of our family bond and what we have overcome together.

In a sense Christian comedy can be somewhat similar. We can laugh and rejoice when we are given a picture of ourselves as Christians that shows God’s love for us – even when we are silly and foolish. I often imagine Jesus with a mischievous smile on his face, pushing the limits of a family tale to get a laugh, or at least a smile. And the underlying message: we are family despite our quirks.

In stark contrast to our cover story, “Why Are Evangelicals So Passionate About Israel and Palestine?” may make you weep. It outlines the serious issues involved in passionate disputes over the Holy Land from an evangelical Christian perspective. You will learn why Evangelicals care so deeply, including the history and the biblical understanding that pits some on different sides. As Geoff Tunnicliffe, our EFC director of global initiatives, comments, “My hope is that Evangelicals would listen to our brothers and sisters from all sides in that region.” Please read it and pray.

On a more hopeful note, in “The Great Divide Isn’t So Wide” you will be encouraged by the results of a study on attitudes between churches and “parachurch” ministries. The Canadian Council of Christian Charities that conducted the survey and observed a significant shift that shows great promise. You will also sees signs of Christian unity in “Teaching English the Cooperative Way.”

Finally, don’t miss reading “The Beauty and Beasts of Christian Farming.” Our writer brings you right into the muck and meadows of agriculture in Canada where evangelical Christians find God beautifully present and faithful.

Gail Reid is managing editor of Faith Today and director of communications for The Evangelical Fellowship of Canada.

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