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November/December 2005 Issue

A Lion, A Witch and the Wonder of C.S. Lewis:
The Narnia Stories Continue to Inspire

With a new movie based on The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe in theatres this December, Faith Today asked a diverse group of Canadians to share what the Narnia novels have meant to them. Have the books, authored by one of the most respected Christian intellectuals of the 20th century, influenced their own spiritual journeys? Read what they said, compiled by freelance writer Drew Dyck.


De-Stressing Family Christmases
By Karen Stiller - Christian experts share their insights to a more merry time

Celebrating Long Marriages
By Bill Fledderus - A collage of photos of Canadian couples to whom God has granted more than 60 years of marriage, contributed by readers of Faith Today

How Then Should We Live? Post-Bill C-38, That Is
By Gordon Heath - Strategies for how Christians should conduct themselves now that marriage is redefined in law

Fire in Her Belly: A Life Consumed by Prayer
By Stephanie Douglas - How God took Marg Gibb from shyness to a ministry (Women Alive) that touches thousands of Canadian women

Evangelicals Fight World Poverty 
By Ron Csillag - Evangelicals are showing a renewed zeal to serve the poor

Ministry in the Mean Streets
By Andrea Davis - As Canadian streets get rougher, urban ministries pay close attention


Family Forgives Vehicular Manslaughter
Reaching Jews in Montreal

In Each Issue

From the Editor:
A Safe Fantasy By Gail Reid

The Gathering Place:
Principles to Live By Bruce Clemenger - Predicting assisted suicide and euthanasia will be one of the next major issues facing Canadian Christians.

We Believe In...
The Holy Spirit By Victor Shepherd - Fifth in a series of seven columns examining the EFC's statement of faith

Religion Watch:
The Limits of Doubt: Nigerian Resurrected? By Jim Beverley

Ask A Theologian:
Are We Right to Think of the Pharisees as Jesus' Enemies? By Tim Perry

Guest Column:
Giving Only at Christmas? By Dion Oxford - Third in a series of guest columns about homelessness.

Other Articles
Nov/Dec 2005 Issue

Cover Story
A Lion, A Witch and the Wonder of C.S. Lewis

Featured Articles
Celebrating Long Marriages

How Then Shall We Live? Post Bill C-38, That Is

Ministry in the Mean Streets

From the Editor
A Safe Fantasy By Gail Reid

The Gathering Place
Principles to Live By By Bruce Clemenger

Guest Column:
Giving Only at Christmas? By Dion Oxford

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