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September/October 2005 Issue

Just As I Am:
Homosexuality's Radical Challenge to the Church

Behind the headline-generating debates on same-sex marriage, how effective is the Church’s ministry? How can Christians do better at being God‘s hands and feet to those who experience same-gender attraction?

Read this exclusive interview with Wendy Gritter of New Direction for Life Ministries of Canada. Her ministry serves people who grapple with homosexuality and equips the Church to minister to homosexuals effectively and compassionately. Interview by regular Faith Today writer Patricia Paddey.


Flirting with Other Churches 
By Steve Russell - How a Hollywood movie convinced one church shopper to go back home 

Ministry to Seniors Can be Easy and Effective
By Drew Dyck - Reaching seniors for Christ is becoming increasingly urgent as our population ages

Answers in the Arts 
By Patricia Paddey - A quilt-maker, an author and other artists share how their art and their faith have grown together

From Troublesome Missionary Kid to Leading Newspaper Editor
By Doris Fleck - A profile of ChristianWeek's Doug Koop


World Anglicans Suspend Canadian Church
Christian Ministry Fights Sex Trade

In Each Issue

From the Editor:
Revealing Secrets  By Gail Reid

The Gathering Place:
Misconceptions   By Bruce Clemenger - Addressing how to challenge inaccurate portrayals of Evangelicals in the news

We Believe In...
Salvation by Faith   By Victor Shepherd - Fourth in a series of seven columns examining the EFC's statement of faith

Religion Watch:
The Church of Scientology   By Jim Beverley

Ask A Theologian:
Will We Be Vegetarians in Heaven?   By Tim Perry

Guest Colulmn:
Would Jesus Give to Panhandlers?  By Leaurie Noordermeer - Second in a series of guest columns about homelessness

Other Articles
Sept/Oct 2005 Issue

Cover Story
Just As I Am

From the Editor
Revealing Secrets  By Gail Reid

The Gathering Place
Misconceptions   By Bruce Clemenger

From Troublesome Missionary Kid to Leading News Editor: A Profile of Doug Koop   By Doris Fleck

Guest Column
Would Jesus Give to Panhandlers?  By Leaurie Noordermeer

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