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July/August 2005 Issue

When to Let Go:
Facing End-of-life Issues

What do we really mean when we say we want "no medical heroics" for an elderly, dying parent? Read this cover essay by writer Maxine Hancock.


Ordinary People Called to Extraordinary Service
By Karen Stiller, Aileen McConville and Alex Newman - Five profiles of Canadian missionaries serving overseas.

Getting Our Bearings
By Drew Dyck - We need to share the gospel differently with modernists and postmodernists.

Picking Up the Pieces
By Grace Boneschansker - How some churches are ministering to divorced people.

What I Did That Summer
By Karen Stiller - Christian leaders describe their most memorable summer jobs.

John Paul II: Bridge Builder
By George Vandervelde - This Pope was significant to Catholics and evangelicals.

God Made New Age Single Mom into Ministry Leader
By Doris Fleck - A profile of Sally Start, national director of Alpha Canada.

In Each Issue

From the Editor:
Saying Goodbye  By Gail Reid

The Gathering Place:
Can We Run for Office?  By Bruce Clemenger - Evangelicals are valuable participants, not pariahs, in a healthy democracy

Religion Watch:
The Emergent Church  By Jim Beverley

Ask A Theologian:
Are Christians Required to Tithe?  By Tim Perry

We Believe In...
Our Lord Jesus Christ  By Victor Shepherd - Third in a series of seven columns examining the EFC's statement of faith

Guest Column:
Why Do People Live on the Street?  By Greg Paul - First in a series of guest columns about homelessness

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July/Aug 2005 Issue

Cover Story
When to Let Go: Facing End-of-Life Issues


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