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March/April 2005 Issue


Why Are Christians Afraid of Evangelism?
By Joe Boot

For those who are looking, there are opportunities to share one's faith in the strangest places--but many of us are afraid to try.


The Joy of Sex Is God's Idea
By Sheila Wray Gregoire - Why are most Christian married people so satisfied with their sex lives?

Giving Credit
By Chuck Ferguson - How Christian groups are helping the world's poor with tiny loans

Stretching Your Faith Too Far?
By Karen Stiller - Christians have different views about the appropriateness of Yoga and the martial arts

Canada's Outpouring of Love in Tsunami's Wake  
By Patricia Paddey - As soon as they heard of Asia's deadly tsunami during Christmas holidays, Christian ministries across Canada worked overtime providing relief



City Ministerial Embraces Celebration 2005
Christian Graduate School Gives PhDs
Rogers to Buy Trinity TV Stations
Trinity Western Gets $1.4 M for Chair
Gideons Blitz Toronto with Bibles

In Each Issue

From the Editor:
Scared of Evangelism   By Gail Reid

The Gathering Place:
Why Churches Must Speak Out About Marriage   By Bruce J. Clemenger

We Believe In...
The Holy Scriptures   By Victor Shepherd - First in a series of seven columns examining the EFC's statement of faith

Guest Column:
Chain Reactions for God   By David Arrol Macfarlane

Religion Watch:
Vampire Cult Growing  By Jim Beverley

Ask A Theologian:
Going to Court? Is it ever ok for Christians?   ByTim Perry


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Mar/Apr 2005 Issue

Cover Story
Why Are Christians Afraid of Evangelism?

Giving Credit (Microcredit/Microloans)

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