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March/April 2006 Issue

Meeting Christians Online:
Does Internet Dating Really Work?

Web dating services are an effective means for Christian singles to meet other Christian singles -- and have become a booming business. Click the image to read the current cover article by freelance writer Ron Csillag.


Church, Conscience, Corruption and the Conservatives
By Andrew Grenville - What were the forces behind a "C" change in Canadian politics in 2006?

More Than Just Popsicle Sticks
By Patricia Paddey - School-break camps run by churches, often called Vacation Bible School, contribute to community and can plant seeds of faith.

Scrapbooking Hobby Can Develop into Ministry
By Stephanie Douglas - The relational aspect of scrapbooking provices comfortable common ground for both Christians and non-Christians to enjoy fellowship.

How to Lose Weight and Gain a Congregation
By Dawn Martens - A convert to the Weight Watchers program discovers parallels between weight loss and church growth.

A Provocative Public Voice
By Doris Fleck - A profile of Ted Byfield and his colourful career in publishing and education.


Salvation Army Defrauded
Canadians Aid African Bible Commentary
Observers Question Swingers Ruling
Toronto Pastors Fight Gang Violence

In Each Issue

From the Editor:
Blind Dating OnlineBy Gail Reid

The Gathering Place:
Have Evangelical Optics Changed?By Bruce J. Clemenger - Examining how the election may be ushering in a new maturity toward Evangelicals

We Believe In...
The Day of Judgment By Victor Shepherd - Last in a series of seven columns examining the EFC's statement of faith

Religion Watch:
Truth Matters By Jim Beverley - The Case of the Man Who Fooled Oprah

Ask a Theologian:
Is Revelation Prophecy or History? By Tim Perry

Guest Column:
Is Homelessness a Government Problem? By David Adcock - Last in a series of guest columns about homelessness. 


Other Articles
Mar/Apr 2006 Issue

Cover Story
Meeting Christians Online: Does Internet Dating Really Work?

Beware of the Con Man

Featured Articles
Church, Conscience, Corruption and the Conservatives

Four Types of Canadian Voters

A Provocative Public Voice

How to Lose Weight and Gain a Congregation

From the Editor
Blind Dating Online

The Gathering Place
Have Evangelical Optics Changed?

Guest Column
Is Homelessness a Government Problem?

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