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May/June 2006 Issue

God, Glory & Gold:
Athletes Who Believe

By Karen Stiller

Canadian Christian athletes such as speed skater Cindy Klassen are taking integration of faith and work to a whole new level. Click the image to read the cover article by associate editor Karen Stiller.


The Missional Church: Getting Back to the Core of Our Identity
By Aileen Van Ginkel and Cam Roxburgh - An introduction to a new way of thinking about church and mission

Where Does this "Missional Church" Talk Come From?
By Alan Roxburgh - Historical Context

Being Neighbourly, Being Missional
By Cam Roxburgh - An excerpt from his chapter in the book Discipling Our Nation

Using The Da Vinci Code for Christ
By Drew Dyck - A new movie that rewrites historical truths about Jesus can provide unique faith-sharing opportunities

Are Churches Ready for the Next Pandemic?
By Stephanie Douglas - Churches can be uniquely poised to meet both spiritual and physical needs when a contagious disease hits

Serving Faithfully in Public Schools
By Patricia Paddey - Some Christians are finding creative ways to share their values.

The Ottawa Manifesto: Free Poster. A copy of the groundbreaking call to fight homelessess is included in the print edition of the magazine for hanging in public places such as church bulletin boards.


Joining to Celebrate Jesus in Celebration 2006
Discussing Peacemakers in the Media
Women Leaders Awarded

In Each Issue

From the Editor:
Our Cover and MoreBy Gail Reid

Kingdom Matters:
I Was Hungry and You Gave Me... Art?
Alpha Gets Company
Pastors Hand out Free Cash
Warehouse Ministry Is A Relief

The Gathering Place:
The Ottawa ManifestoBy Bruce J. Clemenger - Examining a public call to fight homelessness

Religion Watch:
The Agnostic Bible Scholar By Bart Ehrman, Jim Beverley

Other Articles
May/June 2006 Issue

Cover Story
God, Glory, Gold: Athletes Who Believe

Featured Articles
The Missional Church: Getting Back to the Core of Our Identity

Helping Congregations Be More Missional

Where Does This "Missional Church" Talk Come From?

Being Neighbourly, Being Missional

From the Editor
Our Cover and More

The Gathering Place
The Ottawa Manifesto

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