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July/August 2006 Issue

Stand-Up For Jesus:
Canadian Christians Gets Serious About Being Funny

Comedians like David duChemin, whose rubbery face and green suit grace the cover at left, reflect on the nature of their work and on the place of humour in Christian life. Click the cover image to read the article by freelance writer Jeff Dewsbury.


The Beauty and the Beasts of Christian Farming
By Karen Stiller - Faith can provide Christian farmers with a helpful perspective on a business that is subject to the weather and the marketplace.

The Great Divide Isn't So Wide
By John Pellowe - A new study by the head of the Canadian Council of Christian Charities says that churches and "parachurches" are embracing partnership.

Why Are Evangelicals So Passionate About Israel and Palestine?
By Patricia Paddey - Our writer digs deep and discovers why we are so divided.

Woman Offers Inspired Leadership in Two Armies
By Debra Fieguth - A profile of Linda Colwell, a Salvation Army woman who is also a general in the Canadian Armed Forces.

Celebration 2006 Photo Album
Sharing God's love through concerts, barbecues and neighbourhood events.

Teaching English the Cooperative Way
By Doris Fleck - How churches are teaming up to help immigrants.

Married to a Minister
By Sandra Reimer - The highs, the lows and the in-betweens of clergy life.


Stenographers Help Church Reach Deaf
Centre to Study Faith and Public Life
Women Alive Launches Magazine

In Each Issue

From the Editor:
A Time to Laugh By Gail Reid

The Gathering Place:
An Integrated Faith By Bruce Clemenger - Reflections on the influence of Francis Schaeffer

Ask A Theologian:
Do Muslims and Christians Worship the Same God? By Tim Perry - Includes Perry's response to readers' letters to the editor.

Religion Watch:
Terrorism in Canada By Jim Beverley

Other Articles
July/Aug 2006 Issue

Cover Story
Stand Up for Jesus: Canadian Christians Get Serious About Being Funny

Feature Article
Woman Offers Inspired Leadership in Two Armies

From the Editor
A Time to Laugh

The Gathering Place
An Integrated Faith

Ask a Theologian
Do Muslims and Christians Worship the Same God?

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