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November/December 2006 Issue

Gail Reid, Faith Today EditorFROM THE EDITOR:
Called to Respond

By Gail Reid

Our neighbours’ needs are growing, but they are not out of God’s reach.

According to Ipsos Reid, when Canadians want to know the truth on a major issue, the last person they trust for the information is a politician. In a poll covering the “distrusted” in Canada, politicians got the top prize with 60 percent of Canadians believing them to be untrustworthy. They are way above the second prize for lawyers: 40 percent. Even comedians are trusted more – only 18 percent deem them untrustworthy!

There is something terribly wrong here. But it does give an indication of what our fellow citizens are walking into when they choose to serve our country in political office. The variety among them is remarkable – MPs come in many personalities and styles. Nevertheless, once they are labelled as politicians, we choose to see them all under a cloud of suspicion.

Our Faith Today cover story “Called Into the House” takes you into the lives of members of Parliament who are Christians and must face this challenge along with more serious issues through the lens of faith. We asked these MPs to describe their world and how their faith helps or hinders their decisions and actions. You will discover the pressures on them and on their families and the moral dilemmas for Christians regardless of political affiliation. Our hope is that you will understand in a new way why God calls us to pray faithfully for those at all levels of leadership.

Another challenging read and call to prayer are the articles on Native suicide in Canada by two members of the Abori-ginal Ministries Council of the Evangelical Fellowship of Canada. Terry LeBlanc, who is Mi’kmaq/Acadian, unfolds why the rate of Native suicide can be one of the highest in the world and what Christians can do to respond. LeBlanc addresses this serious issue with tenderness and understanding, profiling new ways to view the problem and new solutions to consider. Adrian Jacobs, who is Cayuga, puts a face on the statistics by sharing the moving story of one young man’s life or death struggle.

Our evangelical Christian faith demands that we care for the vulnerable, reach out to the sick and share our resources with the poor. And so it’s encouraging to hear that Evangelicals are making a difference in the global fight against HIV/AIDS. “How Well Are Christians Responding to AIDS?” outlines the major shift over the past five years: Christians are no longer bystanders to this pandemic but have moved in to take action. Read about the resources and the ministries that are proving effective.

A strange mix of stories for a Christmas issue? Not at all. God has called us to live out our faith in our neighbourhoods, in our workplaces and in our spheres of influence – to show God’s sacrificial love for each person, to be God’s hands and feet. What better time to be more mindful of the need!

Finally, don’t miss the special Christmas wishes that some Canadian Christian leaders have for the Church. They have shared their hearts and hopes. We can pray that God will answer.

Gail Reid is managing editor of Faith Today and director of communications for the Evangelical Fellowship of Canada.

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