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Nov/Dec 2011 Issue

The Unbreakable Link Between Faith and Science by Alex Newman / Five Canadian scientists share their stories. Includes the essay "What Science and Theology Have in Common" by Ross Hastings.

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Good Teens With Bad Drugs by Lisa Hall Wilson / How evangelical youth are swept up into today’s drug culture – and what we can do about it.

Why Hospitality is Holy: A Call to the Ancient Art of Welcoming by Debra Fieguth / Let’s get out of our comfort zones and engage in the very biblical act of hospitality.

Live Theatre Touches the Heart by Carol Lowes / Christian actors and theatre directors are offering thought-provoking entertainment in a variety of settings. Some are even managing to make it a career.

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Parachuting Christian Material Into Colombia By Deann Alford. The unusual methods of missionary Russ Stendal

In Each Issue

From the Editor
Faith Seeking Understanding by Gail Reid

Faith Forum: Letters and Milestones

Kingdom Matters
Parents Forgive Their Child’s Abductor; Canadian Label Brings Fresh music to the World; Mennonite Cookbook Sells Like Hotcakes; Recovery Church Preaches Message of Hope

The Gathering Place
In a Secularized Culture by Bruce J. Clemenger

News From the EFC
EFC Leaders at Indonesia Gathering; Pray for the Persecuted; Open House in Ottawa; EFC Submits Ideas on Religious Freedom Office; Training Evangelicals Abroad

Hinge: Reflecting on Church & Mission
Finding Our Canadian Mission by Gary Nelson

Activate: Change Your World
Why Defend Them in Court? by Don Hutchinson

Missions and Ministry Advertising Feature
Ministering Through Missions

God at Work in Denominations
Revival and Independence by Paul McPhail

Women Alive - NEW COLUMN
Abundant Life by Michelle (Nagle) Arthur

No Avoiding Hellgate Controversy by James A. Beverley

A Church You Should Know
Waterloo Mennonite Brethren Church, Waterloo, Ont. by Charlene de Haan

Promise Keepers - NEW COLUMN
Men Made in the Image of God by Kirk Giles

Books & Culture
Book and Music Reviews 

The Network
Classified Ads

Christ & Culture in Canada
Putting Christ Into Good Friday by John G. Stackhouse Jr.

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