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July 19, 2011

Letter to the editor of the Sudbury Star re: Anti-Abortion Rhetoric is Too Much to Take

To the editor,

When my mother was pregnant, she was asked if she wanted to abort me due to certain medical circumstances. My mother bravely chose to carry me to term. I remain forever grateful to both my parents.

I am a woman under thirty. I am a lawyer. And while I don’t fit the stereotypical profile, I am passionately pro-life.

I believe an unborn child is alive because it is growing. I believe that an unborn child is human because its parents are human and it has its very own human DNA. And I don’t believe we should discriminate against humans because of their size, stage of development, location (womb) or degree of dependence on another. Any of those characteristics can describe all of us, at one point or another during our lives.

The reality is that abortion is a controversial topic, and one about which most Canadians often are woefully uninformed, despite holding strong views. According to an Angus Reid poll conducted in 2008, 92% of Canadians were not aware that abortion is legal through all 9 months of pregnancy in Canada. In Canada, a child can legally be aborted for any reason, including sex-selection. In most cases of sex-selection, largely due to cultural preferences, it is baby girls who are being aborted.

Abortion is a fair topic for public policy debate and discussion. As recently covered in Maclean’s and the Economist, the practice of abortion is having an impact on our country and the world at large.

And while it’s easy to make broad, inaccurate, over-generalizing statements about pro-lifers (or label them anti-choice for that matter) or our message, this is a topic that can and should be rationally discussed and debated in our society.

Let’s kick the simplistic rhetoric to the curb and have a real conversation.

Faye Sonier is legal counsel with The Evangelical Fellowship of Canada. Faye was born and raised in Sudbury, and now practices law in Ottawa.


Outgoing Letters


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