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January 17, 2011

Re: Premier's curious wall of silence
Letter submitted to the Regina Leader-Post, January 17, 2011

Mr. Mandryk has misrepresented the court’s position on the ‘single-entry point’ system mentioned in the decision on the Saskatchewan Marriage Commissioner Reference.  The court proposed the alternative as a means of accommodating the rights of all parties. Under such a system, couples would apply to a central office with an application for marriage services. Based on the information contained in the application, the office would assign a commissioner or a list of commissioners able to provide the services. This simple application process would ensure that the rights and needs of all parties are respected. No couples would be turned away and commissioners could maintain their constitutionally protected religious liberties.

It is not the duty of the individual marriage commissioner to ensure access to marriage services. It is the state’s duty. The quotes used by Mr. Mandryk to support his piece were, unfortunately, taken out of context.

Faye Sonier, Legal Counsel
Centre for Faith and Public Life, The Evangelical Fellowship of Canada

Outgoing Letters


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