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September/October 2006 Issue

Sharing Space

By Gail Reid

Faith Today will add several new columns for Evangelicals to share their views

Faith Today is making some changes starting with this issue. Let me tell you why, but first let me remind you of the reasons our magazine exists at all.

Faith Today is published by The Evangelical Fellowship of Canada to provide a platform for Evangelicals, and to spotlight the many facets of our community. That community includes at least 40 “EFC affiliate” denominations and many more ministry organizations, higher education institutions and individual congregations – much wider than the thousands who read the magazine regularly.

The common ground that we stand on together is summarized by the EFC’s faith statement. We choose to come into alignment together around seven core statements. (See EFC News this issue for a new book about the statements.)

Within this sacred space there is rich diversity of expression. We Evangelicals in Canada are a multicultural, intergenerational, interdenominational lot, whose individual faith is rooted in our personal relationship with Jesus Christ and His call on our lives.

Faith Today’s attempts to serve this community are the reason for the changes in the magazine.

At the yearly gathering of the presidents of the EFC affiliates, survey feedback clearly indicated a unified desire for us to tell more of the positive stories of what Evangelicals are doing. Too often Evangelicals are known for what we are against rather than what we are for.

To meet this challenge, Faith Today will be adding several new regular columns where our evangelical community will share the space.

Are you a spiritual transformer or a reformer? Tim Peterson, president and general supervisor of the Foursquare Gospel Church of Canada, has written the first column for our new series, God at Work in Denominations. In this shared space, the leaders of EFC-affiliated denominations will take turns telling us what God is doing in their part of the evangelical community.

As well, our regular Ask a Theologian column will also become shared space. Tim Perry, associate professor of theology at Providence College and Seminary, has been answering tough spiritual questions for five years. Beginning next issue, representatives of 10 EFC-affiliated seminaries will take turns answering our readers.

Unfortunately, this is a very small space to respond to deep and complicated spiritual questions. In our last issue, we received many concerned letters regarding the answers to the question, “Do Muslims and Christians Worship the same God?” We have included Perry’s response to these in the letters section and also included a guest columnist who responds to the same question from a different angle. You can read more reader letters at www.faithtoday.ca.

In the magazine you will find the first of another new series, A Church You Should Know, which profiles congregations. Mill Woods Pentecostal Assembly in Edmonton is an affiliate of the EFC and demonstrates in many creative ways the desire we Evangelicals share to be incarnational in our programs so that we reach out to our neighbourhoods with the love of the divine Saviour we have in common.

Gail Reid is managing editor of Faith Today and director of communications for The Evangelical Fellowship of Canada.

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