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March/April 2011 Issue

Can We Help to Break the Chains? By Karen Stiller
The crisis over Canada’s prostitution laws means now is the time to bring urgently needed improvements in law – and in our attitudes and ministries as individuals and as Christian institutions.

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Haiti: One Year Later by Lisa Hall-Wilson and Marcy Kennedy / Canadians involved in Christian relief and development work describe the ongoing challenges in the country levelled by a January 2010 earthquake.

Leadership 2020 by Dwayne K. Buhler / How organizations can prepare now for upcoming leadership shifts in Canada.

The Joys of Private Adoption by Jeff Dewsbury / Many of the Christian ministries that facilitate private adoptions also do important work helping women who face crisis pregnancies.

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A Beginner's Journey Into the Jesus Prayer by Janet Woltmann

In Each Issue

From the Editor
Praying Through Change by Gail Reid

Faith Forum: Letters and Milestones
Including Children; Dangerously Vague

Kingdom Matters
Picturing the World a Better Place; Stepping Into Motel Ministry; Christian College Offers Video Conference Education; Raising the Roof for Missions

The Gathering Place
Commercialization and Its Limits by Bruce J. Clemenger

Global Village
Brazil: Poverty and Pentecostals by Karen Stiller

News From the EFC
Genetic Regulation: Government Action Needed; Learn About Ministry Partnering; Alerts on Egypt and Sudan; Parental Rights  

Hinge: Reflecting on Church & Mission [New column starting this issue]
Effective Ministry Considers Context by Glen Smith

Activate: Change Your World [New column starting this issue]
Why Activate? by Don Hutchinson

Guest Column
Finishing With a Twist by Andy Atkins

A Church You Should Know
Carruthers Creek Community Church by Charlene de Haan

God At Work in Denominations
100 Years on the Rock by H. Paul Foster

Happy Birthday, KJV 1611 by Jim Beverley

Books and Culture
Books and Music Reviews

The Network
Classified Ads

Christ & Culture in Canada
Get Out the Chequebook by John G. Stackhouse Jr.

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