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Cover Story Topics Overview (under construction)

1994-Jan/Feb: Heavenly Bodies: An FT Guide to the Universe of Denominations (cover articles as a 1 MB PDF).
1994-Mar/Apr: Professional ethics
1994-May/Jun: Recession fallout, cover articles available as a PDF
1994-Jul/Aug: Youth in church
1994-Sep/Oct: Reinventing Dad
1994-Nov/Dec: Religion by remote

1993-Jan/Feb: Homosexuality
1993-Mar/Apr: Revival
1993-May/Jun: Aging
1993-Jul/Aug: Private faith, incl. several articles on Faith Today's 10th anniversary (1, 2, 3, 4
1993-Sep/Oct: Municipal politics
1993-Nov/Dec: Women in ministry

1992-Jan/Feb: Post-secondary education
1992-Mar/Apr: Mobilizing laity
1992-May/Jun: Canadian unity
1992-Jul/Aug: Ethical choices
1992-Sep/Oct: Family abuse
1992-Nov/Dec: Charter of Rights, feature on Messianic Jews in Canada as a PDF

1991-Jan/Feb: Quebec
1991-Mar/Arp: Reform Party
1991-May/Jun: War
1991-Jul/Aug: Native church
1991-Sep/Oct: Poverty
1991-Nov/Dec: Seeker services

1990-Jan/Feb: The 1980s overview
1990-Mar/Apr: Evangelism in 90s
1990-May/Jun: Public education
1990-Jul/Aug: Changing family
1990-Sep/Oct: Creation/evolution
1990-Nov/Dec: Canadian Justice

1989-Jan/Feb: Funding the church
1989-Mar/Apr: God in the city
1989-May/Jun: New Age
1989-Jul/Aug: Ethnic churches
1989-Sep/Oct: Canadian labour
1989-Nov/Dec: Israel

1988-Jan/Feb: Medical ethics
1988-Mar/Apr: Raising kids in 80s
1988-May/Jun: Abortion
1988-Jul/Aug: Refugees
1988-Sep/Oct: Global missions
1988-Nov/Dec: Arts

1987-Jan/Feb: Modern Jesus
1987-Mar/Apr: Christians in Parliament
1987-May/Jun: Natives
1987-Jul/Aug: United Church
1987-Sep/Oct: Religion in the 80s
1987-Nov/Dec: Business

1986-Jan/Feb: Abortion: The Issue That Won't Go Away (cover articles as a 1.8MB PDF).
1986-Mar/Apr: Moral Majority?
1986-May/Jun: Education: choices
1986-Jul/Aug: Prison life
1986-Sep/Oct: Expo 86
1986-Nov/Dec: Child sexual abuse

Previously named Faith Alive
1985 Spring: Evangelical trends
1985 Summer: Giving in Cnda
1985 Fall: Evangelicals in media
1985 Winter: Youth

Previously named Faith Alive
1984 Spring: Post-secondary Education
1984 Summer: Homosexuality
1984 Fall: Christians in sports
1984 Winter: Marriage

Founded with the name Faith Alive
1983 Summer: Leaders
1983 Fall: Abortion
1983 Winter: Billy Graham

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