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January/February 2011 Issue

Children in the Church: How Do We Welcome Them
By David M. Csinos How can we welcome children instead of seeing them as interruptions to adult-oriented worship services

All Generations
By Dale Dirksen Six ways to include children in a worship service in a small church

Inside the Child Theology Movement
by Shelley Campagnola

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New Benefits to EFC Affiliation / Would you like to save money on long-distance calling? How about building your pastoral library at reduced prices? Or saving $400 on a new website for your church?

What Is Spiritual Friendship? by Norm Allen / An intentionally Christ-centred relationship can help believers hear God together on our journeys through life.

Can Evangelicals Welcome the Community of Christ? by Stephen J. Bedard / Evangelicals have an opportunity to encourage orthodoxy and build fellowship with a small, Mormon-related denomination.

Mixing Varsity Sports and Faith by Jeff Dewsbury / Canada’s Christian colleges and universities compete surprisingly well against mainstream schools ten times their size in sports, while athletics directors strive to integrate sports with faith.

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The Family Altar Is No Relic by Don Bastian Sr.

In Each Issue

From the Editor
Kids and Church by Gail Reid

Faith Forum: Letters and Milestones
Sex Is Good; More on Creation; Revival Needed

Kingdom Matters
Fair Opens Kids to New Forms of Worship; Used Clothing Leads to New Faith; Massive Online Bible Game for Tweens; Original Street Language Bible Turns 400

The Gathering Place
Renewing Canada’s Care for Children by Bruce J. Clemenger

Global Village
North Korea and South Korea  by Karen Stiller

News From the EFC
Abortion Coercion Bill Drew Attention; EFC Attends Anti-Human Trafficking Event; Challenging Prostitution Decision 

Education Advertising Feature
Preparing Students for Life and Ministry

Guest Column
Why Walk 800 Kilometres? by Paul Battjes

A Church You Should Know
Urban Bridge Church, Edmonton by Charlene de Haan

God At Work in Denominations
Talking the Walk by Blaine Donaldson

Rethinking the Crusades by Jim Beverley

Books and Culture
Books and Music Reviews

The Network
Classified Ads

Christ & Culture in Canada 
Listening to the New Atheists by John G. Stackhouse Jr.

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