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November/December 2000

Created to Sing: Why Choral Music has Survived the Centuries
Why is sacred music a bestseller? Does it matter if we believe the words? Why do we still hunger for those gospel songs we learned as a child?

  • Remembering the Holocaust
  • Helping Sailors in Jesus' Name
  • Christians Aid Iraqis

September/October 2000

Christians & Crime
This man thinks we can do better than punishment and vengeance--and he should know. A profile of Rev. Pierre Allard, Canada’s acting assistant commissioner of correctional services.

  • When the Dam Breaks: A sociology professor who lost his adult son writes about grief
  • Pulling Back the Curtain: Stockwell Day Embodies the Tension between Outspoken Faith and National Politics
  • Christians Boost Anti-Porn Campaign

July/August 2000

Where the Spirit Lives: Native Christians Uncover Their Own Identity
As the evangelical aboriginal community in Canada grows, embracing its native identity is crucial to its collective soul.

  • Billy Graham Passes the Torch
  • Christians Challenge Policy on Sudan
  • "Wet" (short work of fiction)
  • What's on the Agenda this Summer? An overview of plans for Canadian denominational meetings in summer 2000

May/June 2000

The Secret Life of Christian Teens 
Teens share some of their joys, fears, doubts, frustrations and sorrows–-things they admit they usually keep secret from the adults nearest to them.

  • Ethnic Korean Churches Thrive in Canada
  • Essay: In Choosing Silence, We Choose Not to be Roconciled
  • Festival Ban Reveals Divide over Missiology
  • Institutions Struggle with Codes of Conduct
  • Code Offers Standards for Short-term Missions

March/April 2000

Longing for a Healing Touch
Christians offer varied answers when life-threatening illness or incapacitating ailments pose some of the deepest questions of faith.

  • Parish Nursing; Therapeutic Touch; Divine Healing in Church History
  • Churches Choose Independence from U.S.
  • New Competition Reshapes Thrift Stores
  • Printer in Legal Limbo for Refusing Pro-gay Print Order
  • Forgiveness is a Gift from God - Dale Lang speaks on the murder of his son

January/February 2000

Is Jesus Still the Only Way? Eroding Confidence in Global Mission
Profiles unspoken doubts and questions spreading in evangelical ranks and reaffirms traditional exclusivist position.

  • Renewal Groups Link Mainline Evangelicals
  • Megachurches Stand Out on Canada's Evangelical Horizon
  • Justification Document Pleases Some Lutherans and Catholics
  • Churches Help Kosovars in Canada
  • Salvation Army Overcomes Union, Municipal Challenges
  • Focus Now Federal in Same-sex Benefits


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