The EFC provides a platform for gathering ministry leaders and fostering partnership development. Congregations, denominations, ministry organizations and educational institutions are represented in various networks, peer-learning communities and action-oriented partnerships.

The EFC is helping ministry leaders put into practice their answers to the key question: "What can we do better together than we can do alone?"

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Why Young People Are Leaving the Church: Report Still Making Waves!

The EFC Youth and Young Adult Ministry Roundtable published Hemorrhaging Faith, a major study on trends in how Canadian young people relate to the Church, in 2012. This resource is still making waves! Order at hemorrhagingfaith.com or read an introduction in Faith Today.

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Independent Ministries the EFC Helped to Start


Through the Pain: Helping a Suicidal Person - DVD Special Offer
Fact: Suicide is not about wanting to die.  It's about wanting to stop unbearable emotional pain.
Loss, Crisis, Trigger, Signal of Suicide – Learn to recognize the contributory factors toward a person becoming suicidal.
Ask, Listen, Help - Steps to remember when assisting someone who may be suicidal.
These are just some of the tools and information provided in this comprehensive training DVD, now available for a special offer of $10.00 online or by contacting the EFC’s customer service department at 905-479-5885. Affiliated churches and organizations have received a copy of the DVD in the mail at no cost; extra copies are available to affiliates at a discount of 50%. If your church or organization is not yet affiliated with the EFC, click here to find out how you can receive this benefit and more.


Improving Short-Term Mission Trips
The EFC Global Mission Roundtable has updated its Code of Best Practice in Short-Term Mission. The Code seeks to provide a standard or benchmark for short-term mission practice and suggests elements that should be incorporated as a basic minimum. Download the second edition, dated February 2009, for free. A revised guidebook which includes many helpful supplementary materials is available for $10 online or by calling 1-866-302-3362 x 234 (local 905-479-5885 x 234).


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