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Why Affiliate ?

Our Experience:

The EFC has been in existence since 1964 and our office in Ottawa since 1996. Our history reflects stability and influence.

Our Network:

The EFC's affiliates include ....Denominations....Ministry Organizations....Educational Institutions....Congregations

Our Staff:

Our team is experienced and committed to promoting effective partnerships within the evangelical community and the relevancy of biblical principles in the public square.

Our Accountability:

The EFC is accountable to our board and responsive to our network of affiliates and our individual, business and foundation supporters.

Our Expertise:

In addition to our staff and board, we draw on the valuable expertise of our affiliates, including ministry leaders, academics, professionals and those with experience in the field.

Our Reputation:

The EFC has a strong reputation for facilitating cooperation and effective partnerships and is a respected voice in the public square. Through trustworthy research and peaceful, conciliatory presentation, the EFC has developed respect even among those who disagree with our position and has enabled partnerships that have extended the influence of Evangelicals in Canada.

Our Voice:

The EFC has a strong but respectful and reasoned voice on the issues facing Evangelicals and our country. We are making a positive contribution to ministry leaders, law makers and the media.

Our Effectiveness:

The EFC can work across party lines to get things done because we are truly non-partisan. Within the Christian community, the EFC has the power to convene Evangelicals at all levels enabling more effective partnerships and enhanced ministries.

Our Research:

The EFC provides information and analysis on church and faith trends and solid research to policy makers and the media. Decision makers in ministry and government appreciate evidence to back up their decisions. The EFC is not a single issue organization but a respected voice on a wide variety of issues and able to respond to the current issues of the day from a biblical perspective.

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