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Religious Freedom in Canada
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Freedom of religion affects everyone. If courts restrict religious expression and practices, even those of another religion, it may affect every believer in Canada. So, what can you do?

The World Evangelical Alliance has identified three stages to religious persecution. The first is disinformation. This is usually erroneous information spread through the media that develops discriminatory attitudes in the public. The second stage is discrimination. Restrictions are gradually placed on believers and/or on religious organizations that make it more difficult to practice their religion. The third stage is outright persecution.

In Canada, it is important that Christians identify and address disinformation found in the media or in public statements by politicians and others. Most media outlets have some form of complaint mechanism. Make a complaint and ask your friends to do the same. Respectfully make it clear that the kind of disinformation you have observed is not acceptable. If you become aware of disinformation being expressed by a politician then contact the individual and respectfully provide correct information.

Christians must also be willing to stand together to protect religious freedom in Canada. The Evangelical Fellowship of Canada regularly intervenes in important religious freedom legal cases to encourage the courts to adopt an interpretation that offers strong protection for religious freedom in Canada. You are invited to participate in these efforts through your prayer and financial support.

Issue: Religious Freedom in Canada

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