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May/June 2008 Issue

Hungry for God:
Spiritual Formation Movement Attracts Evangelicals
By Dayna E. Mazzuca

Some seem to be rediscovering ancient disciplines to help them grow in faith.


Ideas Prompt Shift in Church Methods
By Doris Fleck - Many churches that aimed to be "seeker sensitive" 20 years ago are now aiming to be "missional."  What effect might these trends have in your congregation?

Standing on Solid Ground:  Faith Today Interviews J.I. Packer
By Karen Stiller - One of the most important evangelical theologians of the late 20th century, is now embroiled in the same-sex blessing controversy rocking The Anglican Church of Canada.


Responding to Muslim Clerics
Preparing for Truth Commission
Christian Workplace Winners
Marriage Counselling Ministry Grows

In Each Issue

From the Editor: 
Going Deeper By Gail Reid

Kingdom Matters:
Ministry Reaches Skaters By Nipa Mukerji
Canadian Romance Writer Shares Her Heart By Emily Wierenga
Sisters Use Art to Raise Awareness By Emily Wierenga
Filmmaker Forcuses on Evolving Canadian Churches By Karen Stiller

The Gathering Place:

How Churches Shape Culture By Bruce J. Clemenger

God at Work in Denominations:
Risking Significance By Ben Chandler

Ask a Theologian:
Are Paid Ministers or Volunteers Better for the Church? By Bernie Van De Walle

Religion Watch:
A New Earth By James Beverley

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Cover Story
Hungry for God: Spiritual Formation

Feature Articles
Standing on Solid Ground: J. I. Packer

Kingdom Matters
Ministry Reaches Skaters

Canadian Romance Writer Shares Her Heart

Sisters Use Art to Raise Awareness

Filmmaker Focuses on Evolving Churches

From the Editor
Going Deeper

The Gathering Place
How the Churches Shape Culture

God at Work in Denominations
Risking Significance

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