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What You Can Do

The Basics

  • Learn as much as you can about the issue of Prostitution (its history, where things stand now, its consequence for those involved and society as a whole). See our resources page.
  • Look at the related issue of Human Trafficking on our website.
  • Look for practical ways you can get involved; use the following guidelines as a jumping off point for your efforts.
  • Be encouraged! When you put your faith in action, you CAN make a difference!

1. Pray

Prayer is absolutely essential to any effective action on an issue.

  • Pray for the EFC an other national groups that are working on these critical issues.

2. Write

Writing can be an amazingly effective way to express your views on an issue. And there are a number of ways your writing can make a difference! You can:

Remember: Whomever you are writing, be respectful and courteous while clearly stating your views on the issue. If you are addressing a particular piece of legislation, articulate clearly whether you oppose or support the legislation, and explain why.
See guidelines for more tips on effective letter writing.

3. Speak

Make an appointment to meet with your MP, either alone or as part of a pastor's coalition. (See guidelines for visiting your MP.)

Check the parliamentary calendar to find out when MP's are likely to be in their ridings. A face-to-face visit with your MP is the most effective way of conveying your concern about a particular issue.

4. Stand

Get informed about what is happening locally surrounding the issue. Try contacting local ministerial associations, relevant organizations or Christian media for information on local events, prayer vigils and demonstrations. (See guidelines on identifying effective, godly demonstrations.)

Before attending an event, always talk to the organizers of the event to make sure you can agree with any public statements that will be made.

Issue: Prostitution

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What You Can Do

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Related Issue: Human Trafficking

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