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Children and Pornography

Children who are victims of pornography often feel an overwhelming sense of guilt and shame, and are usually psychologically and emotionally scarred for the rest of their life; as a result, many of the “children … enter into the world of prostitution, and … grow up to be abusers themselves.” [2] For victims of pornography who have taken a stand, publicly or privately, against the sexual exploitation of children, the tendency to see themselves as objects to be sold rather than people who are important and matter is a constant struggle.

A direct link has been established between pornography and child abuse, which is evident when one considers pedophiles, people who are likely to live out their fantasies once they have watched videos and movies that affirm the normalcy of their desires. [3] Various studies have shown that between 35 and 50 percent of people who collect child pornography have a history of abusing children, and a study conducted by Watch Foundation ranked Canada as the number four provider of child pornography to the Internet, due to the fact that Canadians accounted for 36 percent of all images found on the day of the survey. [4]

According to a study conducted by Microsoft, 25 percent of children who have a computer in their home have been invited to meet a stranger with whom they had chatted online. [5] As well, about 70 percent of all pornographic material falls into the hands of 12 to 17 year olds. [6]

Adults and Pornography

According to Victor Cline, a clinical psychologist who has treated over 350 sexual addicts, pornography has been a major or minor contributor or facilitator in the acquisition of their [sex addicts] sexual Illnesses.” [7] For nearly all of Dr. Cline’s patients’, the struggle with pornography began when they were exposed to it at a young age, with an increasing frequency of exposure as they grew into their adolescents, resulting in addiction during their adult life. [8] Because addiction to pornography is usually a secret part of a man or woman’s life, it is very difficult to control, since no one is able to hold them accountable.  Studies indicate that once a person is addicted to pornography, they he or she is increasingly unable to control their thoughts and actions.  For instance, if a person addicted to pornographic movies and videos passes a place of business that sells or rents those products, that person is unable to continue past it until they have rented or bought something.  This often results in a devastation of trust between husband and wife, and many such cases lead to separation or divorce. 

If you are experiencing addiction to pornography, there are Sexaholics Anonymous’ throughout the world.  To get find out the location of meetings in your province, click here .


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