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The EFC believes that as Christians, in accordance with the Scriptures, we are called to care for the vulnerable, uphold human dignity and maintain family integrity. These principles guide our response to pornography.

The Issue

Pornography has become a thriving $15-billion industry in North America. It is peddled through all sorts of media, including X-rated videos, 1-900 sex telephone lines and adult video software. The Internet has exponentially increased the availability of pornography and child pornography through the privacy (though not anonymity) of home computers. This industry sells itself as an encourager of "free expression" of sex and sexuality, when in fact pornography distorts these things and damages people and their relationships with others.

Pornography focuses only on the sexual dimension of human nature to the exclusion of all else, distorting the viewers’ perspective of people, their worth and their proper place in society. Instead of creating satisfaction, pornography only intensifies lust and may become addictive. Pornography may incite sex offenders to act out their deviant tendencies and may also reinforce or legitimize their distorted beliefs about sexual activity.

Issue: Pornography

Current Status
What You Can Do   

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