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Marriage & Family
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Articles and Materials to Strengthen Marriage from the EFC’s network on marriage and family

Resources in the EFC's Resource Library

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Abuse in Homes and Church Communities
Clergy Families in Canada
Marriage & Family, Law Commission of Canada Response
B.C. Marriage Case
B.C. Marriage Case Appeal 
Developing Church Policies for Marriage Handbook
Family Taxation Submission
Ontario Marriage Appeal
Ontario Marriage Case Factum
Physical Discipline of Children by Parents
Marriage and Family Status in Canada: A position paper
Marriage and Family: Quebec Marriage Case Appeal
Marriage and Same-Sex Relationships in Canada
Marriage Bulletin Insert
Marriage Fact Sheet - Chronology
Marriage Kit for Pastors and Congregations
Brief on the 1999 White Paper on Refugees Building on a Strong Foundation for the 21st Century 
Brief on the Citizenship Act
Same-Sex Marriage: Who Decides?
Sexual Orientation: M v H
Talking Points for Pastors on Marriage
When Two Become One: The Unique Nature and Benefits of Marriage, 2006 Edition

Issue: Marriage & Family

Current Status
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Protecting Religious Freedom 
Federal/Provincial Jurisdiction

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Marriage Declaration signed by 50 Evangelical, Roman Catholic, and Orthodox Christian as well as Muslim Leaders in defense of the traditional definition of marriage. Disponible en francais.


EFC Statement "What Is Marriage?"

Developing Church Policies on Marriage Handbook

EFC President Responds to Civil Marriage Act

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