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- www.facebook.com/faithtoday (EFC bi-monthly magazine)
- www.facebook.com/JoinLoveMovement (new EFC youth initiative and bi-monthly youth magazine)

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- www.twitter.com/FaithTodayEFC (EFC bi-monthly magazine)
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 - http://blog.faithtoday.ca (from the EFC magazine Faith Today)


EFC Update - Weekly Email
An online version of this week's EFC email newsletter, highlighting current initiatives and interventions of the EFC. You can subscribe and unsubscribe to the email version for free, or come back to read the online version anytime. The four most recent issues are always available online. Each issue also highlights an article from www.christianity.ca, the EFC's website for the Christian community in Canada.

Canada Watch - Six Times a Year
Bi-monthly newsletter highlighting the ministry and initiatives of the EFC, aimed particularly at donors and EFC affiliate leaders.

Other Periodicals

Church and Faith Trends
A free EFC online journal focused on research.

Faith Today
Canada's Christian magazine. Published by the EFC six times per year in print for paid subscribers, in free digital editions, and in a free App for all major mobile devices. Connects, equips and informs evangelical Christians in Canada.

Love Is Moving
Canada's Christian youth magazine. Published by the EFC six times per year along with Faith Today. Also available in free digital editions (since 2013) and in the free Faith Today App. Written and edited by youth and young adults, for youth and young adults.

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