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As Christians, we are called to love God and to love our neighbours as ourselves. Loving God requires that we trust in him to provide, in his time, everything we need for our lives. Loving our neighbours requires that we look out for the needs of others at the same time as, or even before, we look out for our own. Loving God and neighbour propels us to seek the good of our society. We are motivated by God to call our society away from pervasive greed since gambling hurts our neighbours and undermines a healthy and just society.

The Issue

The dynamic that motivates gambling – the desire to save ourselves from our problems and achieve happiness through instant wealth – flies in the face of God's providing role in our lives. When we, as individuals, institutions and governments lose sight of God, we become "addicted" to gambling, trusting in "lady luck" to take his providing place. 

Whether a person believes in God or not, the desire to "get rich quick" grows continually stronger through gambling. This mentality distracts "casual" gamblers from the need to share their resources with neighbours and additionally robs gambling addicts of the resources necessary to provide for their and their family's well-being. Gambling has a destructive influence on the lives of many individual Canadians as well as a detrimental impact on society in general.

Issue: Gambling

Current Status
What You Can Do

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