Church & Mission
Church & Mission

The EFC’s Church & Mission initiatives facilitate dialogue around what God is doing in and through His people across Canada. Building relationships between missionally-focused churches, denominations, ministry/mission agencies and educational institutions cultivates insight and understanding of God’s great commission and commandment.

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Hinge: A National Dialogue on Church and Mission

In November 2010 the EFC held a conference, in partnership with Forge Missional Training Network and Tyndale University College and Seminary, which examined changing paradigms and practices in relation to the Church in Canada and its participation in God's mission. Several Hinge Conference resources have been developed, including audio recordings of all of the plenary sessions and video recordings of most keynote speakers' presentations.

Hinge Columns in Faith Today

Hinge Conference keynote speakers are writing synopses of their presentations as columns for Faith Today. Columns to date include:

Glenn Smith, Effective Ministry Considers Context - March/April 2011

Dr. Arnold Neufeldt-Fast, The Triune, Missional God - May/June 2011

Aileen Van Ginkel interviews Alan Hirsch and Cameron Roxburgh,Theology Crucial in a Changing World - July/August 2011

Cam Roxburgh, Love One Another - September/October 2011

Gary Nelson, Finding Our Canadian Mission - Nov/Dec 2011

Bruce Clemenger, Rethinking Discipleship - Jan/Feb 2012

Aileen Van Ginkel, Wrap Up - Mar/Apr 2012

Related Resources

 Glenn Smith, Key Indicators of a Transformed City: The Church in Dialogue With Its Context – Observations From Montréal

"A Day with Alan Hirsch" - two Forge Canada events held in Toronto, November 21, 2011 and Ottawa, November 22, 2011

Recommended Resource
The Community Research Guide for Church Leaders is a resource from the EFC’s Centre for Research on Canadian Evangelicalism on how you can learn about your neighbours. This guide is practical, accessible and adaptable to your churches needs and includes links to a host of resources to get you started.

What Makes a Church Missional?

The terms missional and missional church are barely 10 years old, but already they bring up more than half a million hits on Google. Todd Billings, in an article in Christianity Today, attempts to review the many-sided faces of the missional church conversation. [MORE]


Children in the Missional Church

Download the executive summary of the research project conducted by Shelly Campagnola of the Children's Ministry Partnership. Come to the Table: Landing the Missional Church in Canada is a follow-up on the research that explores the place of children in the mission of the church. [MORE] 

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