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God's love and care for creation is evident throughout the Bible.  In Genesis, God declared good each new part of creation. God has given humans the responsibility to be stewards and to care for his creation.

The Issue

From local decisions about the disposal of garbage to national discussions about biodiversity and air pollution, environmental issues affect all Canadians. The fisheries crises over the past decade have underlined the need to protect and maintain Canada's natural resources. North Americans consume far more energy per capita than any other region of the globe, more than twice the per capita consumption of Europeans.[1] Generally, energy consumption depletes natural resources and results in greenhouse gas emissions.

Issues such as acid rain, global warming, endangered species, deforestation and water  pollution have generated national debate, civil disobedience and even violence.



[1] World Resources Institute, 1998, World Resources 1998-99: A Guide to the Global Environment in Statistic’s Canada’s Human Activity and the Environment Ottawa, June 2000, p. 5.


Issue: Environment

Current Status
What You Can Do

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