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Approval of application is dependent on the following requirements:

  • that your ministry is registered with the Canada Revenue Agency as a religious charity (CRA Charitable Registration Number must be provided);
  • that you are in agreement with the EFC's objects and statement of faith.

As a Congregational Affiliate the EFC encourages you to:

  • make the EFC a periodic focus of prayer in your worship services or prayer groups;
  • ensure the distribution of EFC's Canada Watch newsletter;
  • distribute occasional special appeals (such as petitions to government or special prayer alerts);
  • occasionally promote the EFC's magazine, Faith Today.

Please note: denominational affiliation does not allow for pastors and congregants to receive denominational affiliation benefits. In other words, a congregation must be affiliated at the local level in order to receive free or discounted resources and/or event registration fees.

As a Denominational, Organizational and Educational Affiliate the EFC encourages you to:

  • make attendance at the annual EFC Presidents Day a priority for your National CEO (General Superintendent, Bishop, Executive Minister, etc.). The EFC organizes unique events for those in your organization in the most senior level of leadership;
  • collaborate with other affiliate leaders;
  • help promote the EFC's goals;
  • give the EFC President or senior staff the opportunity to represent the EFC at national assemblies, events or general meetings; and
  • communicate with your congregations and encourage them to affiliate with the EFC at the local level (congregational affiliation). Congregational affiliates receive EFC resources, newsletters and information on local ministry events. Congregational affiliation is one way to help your congregations align with your denomination and national initiatives. Support their desire to connect with the larger ministry of Evangelicals in Canada through EFC congregational affiliation.

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