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Benefits of Affiliation

By affiliating ...

  • you take your stand with Canada's Evangelicals as the EFC intervenes before the courts, as the EFC team builds strong relationships with MPs, Senators and other government leaders while also providing thoughtful insights, position papers, and public policy research to lawmakers;
  • you clearly identify your congregation or ministry with other Evangelical Christians as we monitor and address religious freedom issues in Canada and promote prayer and intervention for persecuted Christians around the world;
  • your ministry is enriched through the valuable resources, seminars and workshops made available to you and your constituents by the EFC; and your constituents also have the opportunity to take advantage of valuable resources brought to you by the EFC;
  • you promote collaboration and cooperation between ministries, leading to greater effectiveness in ministry, mission and witness;
  • you heighten the impact of evangelical witness and service through ministry partnerships with other affiliate leaders and their ministries;

Upon affiliation approval, you receive...

  • a framed affiliation certificate (updated yearly) to be prominently displayed where others can see your EFC involvement;
  • one complimentary subscription to Faith Today, the EFC's award-winning magazine, additional copies available at the special reduced rate of $9.99 each per year.
  • copies of the EFC's informative bi-monthly newsletter, Canada Watch - to a maximum of 2,000 copies, at no extra cost;
  • opportunity to have EFC speakers come and present to your congregation;
  • subscription to news releases, religious liberty alerts and prayer concerns;
  • direct link to your ministry site from the EFC website and
  • spotlight on your ministry, we highlight a different affiliate member each week on the EFC website.

[Requirements and responsibilities that come with affiliation]

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