Global Mission Roundtable

A Leadership Roundtable for Global Ministries

The EFC’s Global Mission Roundtable provides a platform for collaboration around common issues, challenges and opportunities which are key to the Canadian Church's effectiveness in global mission. [MORE]

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Is Your Church Interested in International Partnerships?
Churches wanting to connect and partner directly with other churches internationally are a relatively new phenomenon. The EFC’s Global Mission Roundtable worked with leaders across Canada to develop the Guide to Best Practices in Church-to-Church Partnerships, a comprehensive resource to help facilitate this process. Order your copy today for $10 or with a 50% discount if you are an affiliate of the EFC. Download free, the Code of Best Practice in Church-to-Church-Partnerships, a set of standards to serve as a benchmark.

Improving Short-Term Mission Trips
The EFC Global Mission Roundtable has updated its Code of Best Practice in Short-Term Mission. The Code seeks to provide a standard or benchmark for short-term mission practice and suggests elements that should be incorporated as a basic minimum. Download the second edition, dated February 2009, for free. A revised guidebook which includes many helpful supplementary materials is available for $10 online or by calling 1-866-302-3362 (local 905-479-5885).


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