Child in Church and Culture, 2000-2011

The Child in Church & Culture Partnership

Operating on the platform provided by the EFC, this partnership functioned as an advocate for the children in Canada regardless of their context as well as a resource hub assisting different Christian groups and individuals who work with children in Canada to share their resources, experience and insight in order that together the may accomplish what they cannot do alone.

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Child Pornography and Canada’s Minister of Justice

The EFC’s Don Hutchinson says: “We live in a hyper-sexualized culture and children are, unfortunately, not immune from it. Sex sells cars, clothes and children’s toys. Unfortunately, sex with children also sells and so do images of that action.” Read more about this issue that effects our children and how we can take action on the EFC’s blog, called ActivateCFPL.


Children in the Missional Church

The executive summary Come to the Table: Landing the Missional Church in Canada, a research project by Shelley Campagnola, is now available. [MORE]


Bringing the Streets into the Pews

Shelley Campagnola, chairperson of the Child in Church and Culture Partnership, shares her thoughts about what it means to become missional in today’s church. [MORE]


Speakers Available

Members of the Partnership are available to speak at churches or conferences, lead workshops or run seminars all toward the equipping of ministries to engage children more holistically in the Church. Additionally, we can work with emerging ministries to help them establish an impacting mission and vision and provide evaluation of the ministry's effectiveness on being intergenerational and missional. [MORE]


Supporting Child in Church and Culture Partnership

The partnership can be sponsored through donations to The Evangelical Fellowship of Canada. Please mark clearly that your donation is designated for the Child in Church and Culture Partnership. Investments in any of our projects and the ongoing work will help to ensure that the next generation captures God’s mission as a way of life.


Seeking Writing Partnership

The Child in Church and Culture Partnership is currently seeking volunteer writing partnerships with those who are interested in speaking to ministry to children from a Canadian perspective. Writing initiatives will address both topics or issues of advocacy we are seeking to prioritize as well as innovative resources that those in ministry can use to effectively respond and minister to/or with children in a variety of contexts. Email Shelley at slcminresource@look.ca



Review a list of various books and websites related to Children in Church and Culture.


The Child in Church and Culture Partnership is a networking ministry, helping different groups who
work with children in Canada to come together to share their resources, passion and insights in order that together they may accomplish what they cannot do alone. We do not provide financial support to any ministry, nor do those who are involved in the leadership of our partnership receive financial support, each generously offering their leadership in a volunteer capacity. Any resources we graciously receive from others is strictly for the use of our networking initiatives.


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