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Aboriginal Ministries Council, 1995-2012

EFC Council for Aboriginal Ministry Leaders

The Aboriginal Ministries Council brought together Aboriginal Christian leaders from various communities across Canada. The Council acted as a bridge between the Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal Church, seeking to provide resources that will enhance communications and enrich the Church as a whole.

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What is Your Understanding of Forgiveness?
A compelling article about Thoughts on Forgiveness and Aboriginal Residential Schools written by Ray Aldred, Terry LeBlanc and Adrian Jacobs, of the Aboriginal Ministries Council.


Native Faith – “To First Nations From First Nations”
Featured in the March/April 2010 issue of Faith Today: Aboriginal Ministry Council Co-Chair, Cheryl Bear, viewed by many as a role model to native women for making a difference in the communities.  Bear uses her gift of story telling and award winning music to deliver the “Great Story” to Native and non Native communities.


Through the Pain: Helping a Suicidal Person DVD Offer
Fact: Suicide is not about wanting to die. It's about wanting to stop unbearable emotional pain.

Loss, Crisis, Triggers, Signals of Suicide – Learn to recognize the contributory factors toward a person becoming suicidal.

Ask, Listen, Help - Steps to remember when assisting someone who may be suicidal.

Read the facilitators guide. Or order your DVD by contacting the EFC’s customer service at 1-866-302-3362 ext. 246 (local 905-479-5885). Affiliated churches and organizations have received a copy of the DVD in the mail at no cost; extra copies are available to affiliates at a discount of 50%. If your church or organization is not yet affiliated with the EFC, click here to find out how you can receive this benefit and more. 


After the Apology: Aboriginal Ministry Council Response
After the June 11, 2009 Apology from Prime Minister Stephen Harper, the Aboriginal Ministries Council released a Response to the Apology intended to promote unity among Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal Evangelicals.


"I Lost My Culture a Long Time Ago"
Elaine MacNeish, a member of the EFC’s Aboriginal Ministries Council, participated in the Residential Schools Truth and Reconciliation tour. Understand better why Evangelicals need to pray and learn about the painful history endured by our First Nation peoples, as MacNeish and her mother revisit the emotional impact and legacy of residential schools. [MORE]

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