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EFC Fact Sheet

Note: These are intended as helpful facts for media. More information is available in the About EFC section, which is oriented towards the general Canadian population and potential EFC supporters.

What areas of law and public policy does the EFC engage in?
The EFC monitors and addresses issues of concern to Evangelicals that flow from the biblical principles of sanctity of life, care for the vulnerable, family integrity or freedom of conscience and religion. [MORE]

What does the EFC do to respond to social issues?
The EFC fosters dialogue on the application of biblical principles to contemporary issues through study guides, background and position papers, fact sheets, government submissions and factums. The EFC offers information and analysis to help Evangelicals think through the issues of the day. [MORE]

What does the EFC do to help Christian churches and ministries in Canada?
The EFC seeks to enhance the effectiveness of ministry leaders and leading ministry practitioners in Canada. Specific activities include: connecting ministry leaders and leading ministry practitioners through various communications vehicles; providing conferences and training seminars; and facilitating network and partnership development among various ministries in Canada. [MORE]

When and why was the EFC formed?
In 1964, to give a clear witness to evangelical concerns and to strengthen and further that witness. Faith Today recently published an article summarizing the EFC's history.

How does the EFC relate to other evangelical associations around the world?
The EFC, along with more than 100 other national evangelical associations, is a member of the World Evangelical Alliance, with secretariat offices in the United States. Visit www.worldevangelicals.org for details.

What does it mean to be an EFC Affiliate?
A ministry organization, church denomination or individual congregation has chosen to formally associate itself with the EFC and agrees with the EFC's common statement of faith. [MORE]

What is an EFC roundtable, network or partnership?
The EFC facilitates a variety of ministry networks and partnerships in areas such as global mission and youth in Canada. [MORE]

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