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Mission & Vision

New! Revised Mission Statement

What does it mean that our mission is "Uniting Evangelicals to bless Canada in the name of Jesus"?

"Uniting Evangelicals" involves gathering, networking and convening Evangelicals for consensus, cooperation and collaboration. The EFC itself is a prime example of collaboration among Canadian evangelical leaders. It provides a platform for networking and convening, and engages with initiatives and programs that foster consensus, cooperation and collaboration among Evangelicals.

"Blessing Canada" involves undertaking and promoting activities that seek the wellbeing of our neighbours, communities and country, expressed through acts of service and speaking the truths of the Scriptures in love. We also bless our communities and our country by facilitating cooperation and collaboration among denominations, ministry organizations and local congregations for effective ministry, public witness and discipleship, by promoting religious freedom for all, and by promoting laws and public policy that conform to the life giving and shalom nurturing principles of Scripture.

"In the Name of Jesus" is both directive and expressive. It is directive in that it focuses our initiatives and programs, our words and deeds, on activities that are consistent with and flow out of our being disciples of Jesus Christ, being faithful to the teaching of Scripture, and that bears witness to His coming Kingdom. It is expressive in that we seek to see Him lifted up and alone given glory, affirming that all we do we do in service to Him.

The following are an older articulation of our mission and vision.

Our Purpose

The Evangelical Fellowship of Canada (l'Alliance évangélique du Canada) is the national association of evangelical Christians in Canada. It gathers Evangelicals together for impact, influence and identity in ministry and public witness. Since 1964 the EFC has provided a national forum for Evangelicals and a constructive voice for biblical principles in life and society. The EFC affiliates include denominations, ministry organizations, educational institutions and individual congregations, who uphold a common statement of faith. The EFC also has more than 15,000 supporting individuals.

  • A positive gathering place for evangelical ministries

The Evangelical Fellowship of Canada is committed to gathering Evangelicals for mutual support and encouragement and to foster greater impact for community transformation.

The EFC identifies and connects evangelical Christian ministries that have common goals and commitments. It has fostered partnerships, alliances and joint efforts that have enriched the whole Church and enhanced ministries across Canada and around the world. By building networks and providing expert resources, the EFC encourages and empowers Christian leaders to do more and to do it better than if they acted alone.

  • A positive forum for evangelical leaders

The Evangelical Fellowship of Canada is committed to fostering united and strong Christian leadership. It welcomes evangelical leaders from different denominations and organizations to a larger forum for fellowship, prayer and encouragement.

The EFC believes that a trust-based community of evangelical Christian leaders, who pray together and strategize together, can be more effective in meeting the challenge of transforming individuals and communities. Working relationships that are based on genuine friendships are empowering and, ultimately, glorify God.

  • A positive contributor to public policy

The Evangelical Fellowship of Canada is committed to making a positive contribution to this nation. The EFC fosters discussion on the application of biblical principles to contemporary issues. Bringing together Christians with expertise in a variety of areas, the EFC develops resources such as background and position papers, fact sheets, government submissions and forums.

Our Mission

The Evangelical Fellowship of Canada is a national movement that purposes to engage an increasingly inclusive participation of Evangelicals for Kingdom influence, impact and identity.

Our Vision

The Evangelical Fellowship of Canada seeks to foster and promote an integral faith, an intergenerational and intercultural Body of Christ, an incarnational Church and an influential community in Canada and around the world.

Values That Guide the EFC

In order to advance the cause of Jesus Christ, The Evangelical Fellowship of Canada seeks to be a unifying influence that facilitates, fosters, promotes and models the following values:

  • A clear and compelling vision for the EFC
  • Visionary, faith-oriented and strategic leadership
  • Engaged, empowered and effective evangelical movements, ministries, denominations and individuals
  • Strategic, empowering and productive gatherings, work groups, study groups, councils and conversations
  • Being an informed, respected, and collaborative voice representing the application of biblical principles
  • A deepening understanding of the role and relevance of the Christian faith in a diverse society

The Major Functions of the EFC

  • Gathering ministry leaders for interactive learning, deepened communication and increased networking, ministry partnerships and community transformation
  • Drawing out and facilitating the development of leaders and future leaders for evangelical organizations and movements
  • Providing an informed, respected and collaborative voice in the public square
  • Publishing papers, documents, briefs, periodicals, tools and books that inform, encourage, resource and empower ministry organizations, movements and leaders. 

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