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Citizenship and Elections

Election Information

Whether it is federal, provincial, municipal or school board elections, your church can participate in the democratic process.

However, given that many churches are registered with the Canada Revenue Agency as charities with the ability to issue income tax receipts, there are certain considerations and policies that must be considered.

The government has set out specific guidelines that outline the allowable political activities of charities.

The EFC produces an election kit for federal elections in which we identify different ways of engagement (e.g. prayer, all-candidates meetings) and fact sheets on the issues you might want to ask questions about.

This page is your connection to EFC resources that can help you (and/or your church) engage safely and in an informed way in the electoral process.

Election Kit 2011

Election Kit 2011 by Section:

  1. 2011 Election - A Call to Prayer for Canada (.doc)
  2. Guidelines for Charitable Political Activity (.doc)
  3. Canadian Elections - 5 Points (.doc)
  4. All Candidates' Meeting - 5 Steps (.doc)

    Fact Sheets:
  5. Environment (.doc)
  6. Family Integrity (.doc)
  7. Freedom of Religion in Canada (.doc)
  8. Genetic and Reproductive Technologies (.doc)
  9. Global Poverty Reduction (.doc)
  10. Media Regulations (.doc)
  11. Poverty and Homelessness (.doc)
  12. Prostitution and Human Trafficking (.doc)
  13. Protection of Children (.doc)
  14. Religious Freedom Internationally (.doc)
  15. Respect for Human Life - Abortion (.doc)
  16. Respect for Human LIfe - Euthanasia (.doc)


Other Relevant Items:

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  5. CBC National News with Leslie MacKinnon (April 24,2011), Don Hutchinson answers the question "Do Religion and Politics Mix?"
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