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March/April 2007 Issue

By Janet Epp Buckingham

The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms is approaching its 25th anniversary. How has it changed Canada?

Canadians have long told pollsters that a large majority of us support the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. But a recent poll suggests a large minority of Canadians are uncertain, perhaps worried that it gives criminals too many rights or gives too much sway to minority groups.


Evangelicals: On the Way to Reclaiming a Great Name
By Karen Stiller - Includes "Evangelicals in Canada: A Short History" by Gord Heath and "Are You an Evangelical?"

Including Mentally Challenged People in Church
By Doris Fleck - Ensuring that everybody belongs and everybody serves.

Improve Your Congregation's Website
By Sandy McMurray - Seven simple things you can do.

Global Mission Specialist Charles Cook
A Faith Today Interview by Aileen Van Ginkel - Cook chairs the EFC's Global Mission Roundtable.

What's the Big Deal About Gambling
By Sandra Reimer - Some Christians think gambling is okay - as long as you don't get hooked.

Youth Ministries Co-operate
By Grace Boneschansker - Ministry leaders point to new era of co-operation.


Christian TV Expanding
Anglicans Get National Indigenous Bishop
Quebecers Debate Crucifix
WCG to Ordain Women
PM Supports Overseas Medicines

In Each Issue

From the Editor:
Justice and Identity  By Gail Reid

Kingdom Matters:
Bear "Necessities" for Outreach  By Gertie Pool
Web Videos Teach Charities  By Bill Fledderus 
North Central Regina Ministries Join Forces  By Jennifer Jacoby-Smith
Pastor Now Canada's Family Coach  By Janice Nikkel/MU

The Gathering Place:
The Charter: Uncharted Territory?  By Bruce J. Clemenger

A Church You Should Know:
Church of the Rock, Winnipeg  By Debra Fieguth

God at Work in Denominations:
Simplicity in Christ  By Gary Moore

Ask a Theologian:
Do We Emphasize the Resurrection Enough?  By Van Johnson

Religion Watch:
Is God a Delusion?  By James Beverley

Arts and Culture:
Review of The Language of God By Denyse O'Leary

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Cover Story
Assessing the Charter After 25 Years

The Charter at 25

Featured Articles 
Evangelicals: On the Way to Reclaiming a Great Name

Evangelicals in Canada: A Short History

Are You An Evangelical?

Personal Reflections on the Charter

EFC Intervened Charter Cases

Global Mission Specialist Charles Cook

From the Editor 
Justice and Identity

Kingdom Matters 
Bear "Necessities" for Outreach

Web Videos Teach Charities

North Central Regina Ministries Join Forces

Pastor Now Canada's Family Coach

The Gathering Place 
The Charter: Uncharted Territory?

A Church You Should Know 
Church of the Rock

God At Work in Denominations 
Simplicity in Christ

Ask a Theologian
Do We Emphasize the Resurrection Enough?

Arts and Culture
Review of The Language of God

What Do You Think?
Respond to an article by sending a letter to the editors

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