Current Affiliates

New Brunswick

Atlantic Community Church, Apohaqui

Bayview United Baptist Church, Bathurst
Boom Road Pentecostal Church, Boom Road

Fredericton Junction United Baptist Church, Fredericton Junction

First Hillsborough Baptist Church, Hillsborough

Jacksonville United Baptist Church, Jacksonville

Lincoln Baptist Church Inc, Lincoln
Lutes Mountain Church of the Nazarene, Lutes Mountain

McKee's Mills Baptist Church, McKee's Mills
Highfield Street United Baptist Church, Moncton
St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church, Moncton
Sunny Brae Baptist Church, Moncton

Midland Baptist Church, Norton

Whitepine Baptist Church, Inc., Riverview

Little Southwest Baptist Church, Sillikers

Affiliate Congregations

By Province (alphabetized by city)


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