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What is The Evangelical Fellowship of Canada Doing to Uphold Marriage?

The Evangelical Fellowship of Canada played the leading role in upholding the historic definition of marriage. The EFC intervened at all levels of court in the court challenges to the definition of marriage. We also intervened in the Supreme Court of Canada Reference re Same-sex Marriage. When the issue was before Parliamentary committees, we attended the hearings and made our own submission. We drafted amendments and worked with MPs to ensure that they passed (in particular, the amendment in Bill C-38 protecting charitable status). We played a leading role in the media, hosting press conferences, issuing press releases, engaging in public debates, writing opinion pieces and doing hundreds of interviews.

As the debate over the definition of marriage dragged out over several years, the EFC called the Christian community to a higher standard for our own marriages. We spearheaded Marriage on the Rock and founded www.covenantmarriage.ca/ as a resource base for pastors, couples and marriage counsellors.

The EFC will continue to support efforts to recognize the historic definition of marriage in Parliament.

  • We will promote marriage as a covenantal relationship before God of one man and one woman, in accordance with Scripture
  • We are urging provincial governments to pass legislation to protect religious freedom in relation to the solemnization of marriage for clergy, churches and civil marriage officials
  • We encourage churches to have written policies on their religious beliefs and practices of marriage and have resources available to assist
  • We are advising people as to their rights to religious freedom: civil marriage officials and those involved in the wedding business (caterers, florists, photographers and musicians)
  • We are gearing up to deal with issues in the education system, in particular, religious freedom for teachers and students who are committed to the historic understanding of marriage.


  • Key Message Points on Marriage developed by the EFC to help people understand the issue (PDF)
  • Position Paper on Marriage and the Family
  • Special Marriage News Coverage on the EFC’s community website, Christianity.ca, providing articles on the marriage issue of interest to Christians
  • Articles and Materials to Strengthen Marriage on the EFC’s community website, Christianity.ca, promoting Marriage on the Rock


  • Tips on Getting Involved
  • Sample Letter to Send Your MP (please include your name and return address)
  • Prayer Guidelines for Marriage that can be used in a church service or a concert of prayer at a vigil
  • Excellent Resource Marriage Booklet, When Two Become One: The Unique Nature and Benefits of Marriage, published by the EFC



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Protecting Religious Freedom 
Federal/Provincial Jurisdiction

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Marriage Declaration signed by 50 Evangelical, Roman Catholic, and Orthodox Christian as well as Muslim Leaders in defense of the traditional definition of marriage. Disponible en francais.


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