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Marriage & Family
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Same Sex Marriage is the Law - Where Do We Go From Here?

Download the Church Action Kit on Marriage. It provides resources to help you understand how to effectively communicate with your MP, along with clear guidelines as to what churches can and can't do politically in this campaign.

Prime Minister Stephen Harper has announced that he will introduce a motion to test whether Parliament wishes to re-open the debate on the definition of marriage. He has said he will introduce this motion in the fall of 2006. If the motion passes, he will introduce legislation to define marriage as being between a man and a woman. If the motion does not pass, he will not re-open the debate on the definition of marriage.

This is a strategic time to take action and contact your Member of Parliament to express your views on the definition of marriage. There are a number of things you can do to help influence your Member of Parliament's vote:

  1. Prayer is absolutely essential to any effective action on an issue.
    • Establish a prayer group or e-mail list and begin praying for those in your area who are speaking up publicly on an issue.
    • Pray for your MP by name.
    • Pray for the EFC and other national groups that are working on these critical issues
    • Use EFC's Concert of Prayer as a guide.
  2. The best way to communicate your views to your MP is to visit him/her in their constituency office. While MPs are in the riding for the summer is an ideal time to meet with them. (Where is my MP's constituency office?)
  3. Write a hand-written letter to your Member of Parliament. We have a sample letter to help you craft your own personalized correspondence. Remember, postage is free. Please do not email your MP as this is the least effective way to voice your concerns. MPs are inundated with emails, and for the most part, their staff screen the emails to determine which ones the MP will actually read. (What is my MP's mailing address?)
  4. If you are unable to visit your MP, or write to him/her, please phone and speak to your MP personally. Politely insist speaking to your MP, rather than just leaving a message with a staff person (What is my MP's phone number?)
  5. You can organize a petition drive. Since the Prime Minister has already called for a vote in the fall, the effect of a petition will be to inform your MP of the number of people in his/her riding who are interested in the issue. Send a petition to Parliament asking them to reopen the debate on the definition of marriage (note that petitions are much less effective than personal letters, phone calls or visits).


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