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Standards of Professional Practices for Fundraising Personnel

While striving to act according to the EFC code of ethical principles, fundraising personnel agree to abide by these Standards of Professional Practice.

Professional Obligations

  1. Personnel will not engage in activities that harm the EFC, its members or affiliates..
  2. Personnel will not engage in activities that conflict with their fiduciary, ethical, and legal obligations to the EFC.
  3. Personnel will effectively disclose all potential and actual conflicts of interest to the Director, Ministry Advancement; such disclosure does not preclude or imply ethical impropriety.
  4. Personnel will not exploit any relationship with a donor for personal benefit or the benefit of the EFC.
  5. Personnel will comply with all applicable local, provincial, federal, and international civil and criminal laws.
  6. Personnel recognize their individual boundaries of competence and are forthcoming and truthful about their professional experience and qualifications.

Solicitation and Use of Charitable Funds

  1. Personnel will take care to ensure that all solicitation materials are accurate.
  2. Personnel will take care that, to the best of their ability, donors receive informed, accurate, and ethical advice about the value and tax implications of potential gifts.
  3. Personnel in the office of the EFC, as well as fundraising personnel, will obtain written consent by the donor before altering the conditions of a gift.

Presentation of Information

  1. Personnel will not disclose privileged or confidential information to unauthorized parties.
  2. Personnel will adhere to the principle that all donor and prospect information created by, or on behalf of, the EFC is the property of the EFC and shall not be transferred or utilized except on behalf of the EFC and only to the extent allowed by the Freedom of Information and Privacy Act.
  3. Personnel will ensure that donor lists in their possession are not sold to, rented to, or exchanged with other organizations.
  4. Personnel shall, when stating the financial status of the EFC, use accurate and consistent figures approved by the EFC Director, Administration and Finance.

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