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Gifts In-Kind

The EFC will accept gifts of various assets the donor wishes to transfer to the EFC, while respecting the donor’s wishes and the EFC’s values and needs. As a rule a gift in kind will be sold immediately following its receipt unless the EFC can effectively use the article in its operations. The value of a gift under $1,000 can be set by mutual agreement of the EFC and the donor. Gifts having a value of more than $1,000 will be determined by an independent qualified appraiser.

Before  issuing a charitable tax receipt for a gift in kind, the EFC requires a copy of the following:

For new goods received:

  • An itemized receipt of delivery to the EFC
  • An invoice from the company donating the goods indicating that the invoice is not to be paid

For used goods received:

  • An independent appraisal of the items being donated or, if the gift is $1,000 or less in value, the value can be jointly established by the donor and the EFC representative.

    For gifts having a fair market value exceeding of 1,000, the appraiser should not be associated with either the donor or the EFC. The appraisal must be an estimate of the fair market value of the object as of the date of donation. Although the term “fair market value” is not defined in the Income Tax Act, the generally accepted meaning is the price the property would bring in an open market transaction between a willing buyer and a willing seller, acting independently of each other, and each having full knowledge of the facts. Original appraisal documentation must be in place and the donor and two officers of the EFC must sign a Deed of Gift, irrevocably deeding the property to the EFC. Further information on gifts in kind can be obtained at the Canada Revenue website on page 9. 

  • Proof of receipt of goods

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