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  • Re: Ontario Sex Education - open letter to MPP Leona Dombrowsky
  • Re: Change in Census Long Form - letter to MP Tony Clement
  • Re: Is the Christian Right Changing Canada? - The National (CBC TV news)
  • Re: Funding Cuts to KAIROS - joint letter to MP Bev Oda
  • Re: Anglican Church Facing the Threat of Extinction - The Globe and Mail
  • Re: "Aye, Those Be Slighting Words Against the Lord" - National Post


  • Re: Is the Harper Government Playing the Anti-Semitic Card? - The Globe and Mail
  • Re: Campaign Aims to Curtail Women’s Rights - Toronto Star
  • Re: Canada’s Public Sphere Just Got a Lot More Messy – And Free - The Globe and Mail
  • Re: Quasi-religion and the Environment - Ottawa Citizen
  • Re: Who’s To Blame For George Tiller’s Murder? - The National Post
  • Re: Sex Ed 2.0 - The Globe and Mail


  • Re: One Nation Under God - Ottawa Citizen
  • Re: When Jill Wants to be a Jack - National Post
  • Re: Forcing Our Doctors' Hands - National Post
  • Re: Another Memorial Stained - Ottawa Sun 
  • Re: Beijing Olympic Games Opening Ceremonies - Letter to Minister of Foreign Affairs and Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs and International Trade
  • Re: The Company Muslims Keep - National Post
  • Re: Dr. Henry Morgentaler, Abortion and the Order of Canada - Letter to the Governor General of Canada
  • Re: Dr. Henry Morgentaler, Abortion and the Order of Canada - National Post
  • Re: Apology for Residential Schools - Letter to the Prime Minister
  • Re: Listen, Learn and Serve: The Middle East - Christian Week
  • Re: You Can't Take the Mission Out of Christian Horizons - National Post
  • Re: Coverage of Charles McVety's Opposition to Bill C-10 - The Globe and Mail
  • Re: Thinking About Fundamentalism - National Post
  • Re: A Plea for Prayer - National Post
  • Re: Deciding When Life Ends - Ottawa Citizen


  • Re: Patient Chose Her Own Time to Die - National Post
  • Re: CIDA Funding for Planned Parenthood - to Canada's Minister of International Co-operation
  • Re: Age of Consent Legislation - to the Legislative Committee on Bill C-2
  • Re: Freedom of Expression at Memorial University - to the board of the MU Student Union
  • Re: Age of Consent Legislation - to the Prime Minister and other party leaders
  • Re: Quebec Roxton Falls Mennonite School - to the Quebec Minister of Education
  • Re: Why Seven Wrongs Don't Make a Right - The Globe and Mail
  • Re: No to Polygamy - The Globe and Mail
  • Re: Hateful Vision - National Post
  • Re: Assisted Suicide Should Be Decided by Canadians, Not Religious Leaders - The Ottawa Citizen
  • Re: Canada's Empty Promise - The Toronto Star
  • Re: A Sorry Story on Aid to Africa - The Globe and Mail
  • Re: Afghanistan is the New Africa - National Post
  • Re: Canada’s Foreign Policy on Sudan - to the Prime Minister
  • Re: Court Rejects Muslim's Conversion - National Post
  • Re: Elizabeth May's Bizarre Speech - National Post
  • Re: Pro-Choice Shouldn't Mean Pro-Censorship - National Post
  • Re: An Obsolete Privilege - The Ottawa Citizen
  • Re: Creationism Debate Continues to Evolve - The Toronto Star
  • Re: Canada Losing Out on Trade, China Says - The Globe and Mail
  • Re: The Marriage Contract - The Globe and Mail


  • Re: T.O. Judge Orders Christmas Tree Out of Lobby - CTV.ca
  • Re: South Africa's Smart Line on Gay Marriage - The Globe and Mail
  • Re: Using Religion to Spread Hate is Repugnant, Says Linda McQuaid - The Toronto Star
  • Re: Editorial: Enough with the Ideological Tribalism - National Post
  • Re: Can God Build Bridges? - The Toronto Star
  • Re: Canada's Tolerance Conundrum - The Globe and Mail
  • Re: Give Up on the Anti-gay Rant - The Calgary Herald
  • Re: Abortion: Ensuring Access - Canadian Medical Association Journal
  • Re: Maclean's Poll 2006: Praise the Lord and Call the Psychic - Maclean's
  • Re: The Need to Belong - The Toronto Star
  • Re: Generation Jihad: angry, young born again believers - The Globe and Mail
  • Re: Editorial Stance on Vellacott - The Globe and Mail
  • Re: Tory's Funding Impulse Editorial - The Globe and Mail
  • Re: Cartoon Controversy: Western Standard Reprinting - The Western Standard
  • Re: Cartoon Controversy: Star Editorial - The Toronto Star
  • Re: Cartoon Controversy: Globe Opinion - The Globe and Mail
  • Kudos to Ottawa Citizen - The Ottawa Citizen
  • Please Research Before Spreading Mistaken Stereotypes - Macleans.ca Forum


  • Who Decides What is Harmful to Society? - National Post
  • Kudos for Highlighting Religious Persecution - The Globe and Mail
  • Word "Fundamentalist" Misused - The Richmond News
  • Kudos for Persecuted Christians Article - The National Post
  • Born-Agains Among "Less Likable" - The Globe and Mail
  • Imposing Morality - National Post
  • Faith-based Efforts Deserve Respect - The Toronto Star
  • Re: How We Got to the Chapel - The Ottawa Citizen
  • Re: Globe and Mail Editorial - The Globe and Mail
  • Re: Gay Advocates Target Churches' Charitable Status - The Ottawa Citizen
  • Ottawa Can't Ignore 15,000 Voices - National Post
  • Bibles Excluded From Schools - Toronto Star
  • Pluralism or Secularism? - National Post

Outgoing Letters


EFC President Bruce J. Clemenger writes regular commentaries about public policy issues. The EFC magazine Faith Today often publishes articles and essays that examine such issues.

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