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Outgoing Letters and Public Statements

November 17, 2015

Hon. Jody Wilson-Raybould
Minister of Justice
House of Commons
Ottawa, Ontario K1A 0A6

Dear Minister Wilson-Raybould,

On behalf of The Evangelical Fellowship of Canada, I wish to congratulate you on your election victory and your appointment as Minister of Justice and Attorney General of Canada. Be assured of our prayers for you as you participate in the leadership of our country in Parliament and in your Cabinet portfolio.

We are pleased to hear of your government’s commitment to support those who need help most, including increased access to palliative care, as well as a commitment to give Canadians a voice in Ottawa.

Canada is facing a changed landscape after the Supreme Court of Canada’s decision last February in R. v. Carter. The Court’s suspension of its decision to strike down sections 241(b) and s. 14 of the Criminal Code will end in a few short months, in February 2016. This decision raises significant social, medical, legal, jurisdictional and moral issues that require national attention.

We urge you to request an extension from the Court in order to allow the Federal Government to hold broad, meaningful and nation-wide consultations on assisted suicide. Open and transparent consultations would allow you to hear from Canadians across the country, as well as expert witnesses and evidence from other jurisdictions.

In fact, the Court itself identified risks and the need for carefully designed limits and safeguards. It affirmed that “complex regulatory regimes are better created by Parliament” and stated that Parliament “must be given the opportunity to craft an appropriate remedy.”

We are very concerned that the practice of assisted suicide will put vulnerable people at risk, seriously compromise the medical profession and the health care system, and undermine our society’s commitment to the sanctity of life and commitment to care for one another. These are issues that require a full and open discussion among Canadians.

We ask that you request an extension to hold this critically necessary national conversation.


Bruce J. Clemenger
President, The Evangelical Fellowship of Canada

Outgoing Letters


EFC President Bruce J. Clemenger writes regular commentaries about public policy issues. The EFC magazine Faith Today often publishes articles and essays that examine such issues.

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