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Citizenship and Elections

Your Church Can Participate

Whether it is federal, provincial, municipal or school board elections, your church can participate in the democratic process.

However, given that many churches are registered with the Canada Revenue Agency as charities with the ability to issue income tax receipts, there are certain considerations and policies that must be considered.

The EFC's federal election kits will remind you of government guidelines about the allowable political activities of charities.

With each federal election, the EFC produces an election kit in which we identify different ways of engagement (e.g., prayer, all-candidates meetings) and fact sheets on the issues you might want to ask questions about.

This webpage, theEFC.ca/election, will remain available and up to date to help you (and/or your church) engage safely and in an informed way in the electoral process.

Post-Election Update 2015

The EFC recently sent a letter to congratulate Canada’s prime minister-designate, the Hon. Justin Trudeau. It assures him of our prayers and highlights a number of issues such as freedom of religion, refugees, children and youth in government care, poverty, human trafficking, sexual exploitation, euthanasia, palliative care and relations with Indigenous Peoples.

MPs Canadians elected in October 2015 face many important issues including those highlighted in the letter to Trudeau and presented in more detail in our 2015 EFC Election Kit (below). Let’s continue to thank them for the sacrifices they make to engage in political life, pray for them and together work for the good of the land where God has placed us.

Key Federal Issues 2015

What are some key questions we should ask of our MPs and potential MPs?

View the fact sheets in the EFC's 2015 election kit in English or français.

  • Election 2015 – A Call to Prayer
  • Understanding Canadian Elections
  • Guidelines for Church Engagement in Elections
  • Planning to Hold an All Candidates’
  • Tips for Holding an All Candidates’ Meeting
  • Sample Schedule for an All Candidates’ Meeting
  • Fact Sheet: Children and Youth in Government Care
  • Fact Sheet: Environmental Issues
  • Fact Sheet: Family Integrity
  • Fact Sheet: Global Poverty Reduction
  • Fact Sheet: Indigenous Peoples
  • Fact Sheet: Palliative Care
  • Fact Sheet: Poverty and Homelessness
  • Fact Sheet: Prostitution
  • Fact Sheet: Refugees
  • Fact Sheet: Religious Freedom in Canada
  • Fact Sheet: Religious Freedom Internationally
  • Fact Sheet: Reproductive and Genetic Technologies
  • Fact Sheet: Respect for Human Life – Abortion
  • Fact Sheet: Respect for Human Life – Euthanasia and Assisted Suicide

2015 Election Video Resources

The Oct. 4, 2015 episode of the TV show Context With Lorna Dueck focused on the election and featured EFC President Bruce J. Clemenger as a guest.

Below you can also watch President Clemenger discuss Election 2015 in this EFC webinar video from Sept. 23.

Why should Christians be involved in a federal election? How can we be involved? Get better equipped as a voter and church member to participate as effectively as possible within the clear boundaries of electoral rules in Canada. Explore some hot topics and get better equipped with questions we can ask our candidates.

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